Join me for an in-depth look at this massive new playset to find out if it’s worth picking up!
Fantastic review dude, like I said on Youtube I think this is your best review yet – really detailed and you look like you really had fun with this. The best review ever Dan, you really had fun, and me too, truly, i stand up, and says, Cowabungaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! This is a book that I started many times when I was younger and staying at my uncles house, but I was never there long enough to finish it and there was always something more exciting to do. All the way through this book I felt very connected to little Mary; at first she was a spoilt little child, but a return to some good Yorkshire air puts her right. I found the story very easy to follow, although the broad Yorkshire speak took a while to understand in parts – and I’m from Yorkshire!
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All original material, videos, articles, and photos on the site are owned by and copyright Daniel Eardley. When I finished the book I was left with a sense of not very much having happened, but still a sense of having really enjoyed reading it. But inquisitive little Mary finds out where the noise is coming from and meets her cousin Colin, a sickly boy the same age as her who has been so pampered since he was born that he has the whole household scared of his temper tantrums. Before long, Colin is turning into a strong athletic boy and enjoying life more than he ever knew. To the surprise of the staff of the house, they walk hand in hand laughing and joking back up to the house together. This is a fantastic play set but for the price it should have come with a figure or two included. His father refuses to see him because his mother died in childbirth and he’s scared that Colin is very ill too.

They keep the secret very well, sharing it only with the robin that lives in the garden and the animals that follow Dickon around, namely two squirrels and a crow.
The gardener Ben is let into the secret when he peers over the wall of the garden and catches them, but he’s a great help to Colin recovering his strength. All other character likenesses, logos, toy designs and associated art on this and associated sites are property of their respective owners and used for informational and educational purposes only. But little does he know that his doctor would actually be next in line to inherit his father’s estate so he has little interest in making Colin better.
When he is berating Mary for being in the garden, Colin stands up for the first time in his life to stick up for the girl who has helped him to get his life back.

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