I'm not as crazy as Monica in Friends, but sometimes my chest gets a little tight when I see my house in an utter mess.
I have family coming by to visit me today so I made sure my apartment was in tip-top shape. The most common brand of Borax is 20 Mule Team Borax, named so because it took teams of 20 mules to haul the Borax out of Death Valley in California. It's been a home cleaning staple for 100 years because it's not a one-trick pony: Borax can be used in laundry (it brightens whites and colours wonderfully), for deodorizing and for getting rid of tasty tub scum, the purpose I was using it for last night.
The only thing I dislike about Borax (because nothing is perfect) is that you have to rinse it really really well. A box of Borax costs me about $6 and is well worth the price when I can use it practically everywhere in my house. Everyone reading this review knows the names of the successful top ranked tennis players playing on the tour every week but do not necessarily know the names of the people behind the scenes that help to make these players achieve their success. The next time you see or run into Novak Djokovic, Milos Raonic, John McEnroe and scores of other ATP and WTA players on the tour, ask them what’s inside their shoes or better yet, ask them to pull out their orthotics.
Many of us clearly remember the image of Novak Djokovic throwing virtually every item of clothing he was wearing and his racquets into the crowd after winning the 2011 Australian Open. Our playtester was personally analyzed, laser scanned and fitted by Kfir’s Canadian representative at Strolf in Toronto. The laser analysis and laser scan revealed much more than the playtesters’ foot formation but that the playtester was also naturally imbalanced and was off-centre when moving and running such that unnatural strain and stresses were being put on the muscles and joints during movement and motion. The other benefit of dealing with Tamir Kfir is that you are dealing directly with the very people who will be making your orthotics and not some outside lab and they will let you know exactly what can and can’t be done. I have actually played in these orthotics and can tell you first hand that they are now one of the most indispensable pieces of equipment that I rely on to help me achieve success in my matches but more importantly, helped save my body from unnecessary wear and tear.

Its true that I may never play like Novak but I am sure glad Novak shared his secret weapon because it has certainly enhanced my game experience and performance. Subscribe with our friends at Grand Slam Tennis Tours for travel updates, opportunities & discounts. I'll leave the dishes overnight if I'm too tired, but sometimes when things all pile up I go bonkers. The worst part of it was probably the bathroom, but it was one of the easiest to tackle thanks to my secret weapon: Borax. They've since done a redesign of the box to give it more of a modern appeal (!) but I still have the lil cowgirl version at my Walmart. Borax is a very gritty powder, which makes it great for scrubbing, but if it doesn't rinse away then the powder will dry and be sitting on your toilet seat, tub or bathroom counter. I even made a Borax sprinkler jar last night to make it easier to use on the tub (when you pour it out of the box it tends to just be a big clump - this way it can be even). It will replace your bleaches, your stain removers, your toilet bowl cleaner and your deodorizers, all for less than $10! But before he threw his tennis shoes into the crowd he made sure to pull out his orthotics (see photo). The play testers is an active tennis player who has played tennis over the years with orthotics that were plaster cast molded by a podiatrist, over-the-counter sport inserts, and inserts that molded after heating in a convection oven. The orthotics were custom built not only to address the play testers’ foot needs but also to correct the play testers imbalance and gait issues.
The result was our play tester was very impressed with the overall product and performance. I'm not sure if it's because this is a new tub and I've been cleaning it lots or if it's because it works like a charm.

Rinsing it out of the tub is easy enough but it's a little harder to get it all off of the sink cupboard. Kfir custom builds the tennis orthotics for some 40 of the world’s top 100 ranked tennis players and for the Serbian Davis Cup (men) and Federation (women) teams. When Novak was asked about it at the press conference afterward he replied, “You caught me.
The laser scan is done before and again while in the mold when a center of gravity adjustment is being applied.
Even more impressive, the orthotics are also designed to suit the athletes’ specific sport or activity ( Tennis in this instance, but running, basketball, soccer, football. The adjustment to the playtesters’ center of gravity addressed the hip area discomfort he was getting after long matches (especially on hard court) and he raved that everyone at TennisConnected needs to hop on board and get these tennis orthotics.
Also, since Borax is found naturally, it's great for those who want to get away from those harsh chemical cleaners that have all sorts of strange, unpronounceable names. The laser photos are uploaded by Kfir into a computer to precisely assess the precise amount of adjustments and modifications of pronotation needed to be done to achieve a center of gravity when he is hand crafting the orthotic. The playtester is a pronator with high arches and experienced hip discomfort after long matches. While Borax is still toxic if you eat a large amount of it, it's no where near as toxic as bleach.

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