I’ve been seeing this all over the place, and I know it is an author my stepmom loves. FTC DisclaimerFictionZeal often receives ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) or books after publication from publishers or authors for review purposes. Imagine a man who out-suaves Connery’s Bond, who out-ass kicks Kick Ass and whose belief in manners are an excuse to brutalise an entire pub. Harry Hart AKA Galahad (Firth) is a member of Kingsman, a scecret service bound to protect the world from any threats. Kinsman you see is simultenously a spy thriller, comedy farce, but where it’s original is in its violence. The supporting cast are perfect, with Mark Strong the Q-a-like genius called Merlin and Michael Caine as old head of the organisation Arthur. The constant flip-flopping between serious drama, action comedy and good old fashioned spy farce do give Kingsman a rather frantic, all-over-place feeling and there are elements that drag the pace down to a crawl, but Vaughn uses them to build interest in his characters just enough to keep the narrative moving and while it can occasionally be a bit of chore the action is sure to explode sooner rather than later and make you forget. There have been attempts to make a Bond-esque spy thriller about younger characters before, but nobody had the balls to make it for adults only until Matthew Vaughn and the result is a that Kingsman is to Bond what Kick-Ass was to Spider-Man.
If you thought Skyfall was a bit too serious to be considered a 'classic James Bond' story, then Matthew Vaughn goes completely the other way by shaking the genre to its cliched, borderline silly roots and then injects it with speed.
Kingsman: The Secret ServiceAnyone who's seen 2010’s merrily profane superhero flick Kick-Ass knows that director Matthew Vaughn doesn’t spoof genres. Anyone who’s seen 2010’s merrily profane superhero flick Kick-Ass knows that director Matthew Vaughn doesn’t spoof genres. But it operates by following all the beats—and more than a few cliches—of this kinda movie.

The Cami Secret makes your favourite low-cut blouses and shirts appropriate for the workplace! Customers are very happy with these -- they buy them for themselves and then buy more to give as gifts. Regal is an over 85 year old Canadian catalogue brand famous for our unique, one-of-a-kind household Regal products brought to millions of Regal consumers through a network of independent Regal sales reps in every province and territory. There is nothing for me to question here – this one just has to go on my Shelfari TBR. FictionZeal does not charge for reviews, nor does it receive discounts, gifts or favors in exchange for a review. The title gents are a squad of finely tailored British spooks, including the world-weary Harry (Colin Firth), who’s overseeing nine recruits as they go through superspy boot camp to replace a fallen agent. Get the layered look of a camisole without the hassle or bulk of a separate garment with the Cami Secret. The book beginning had me intrigued but knowing that the plot has the perfect twists and entirely believable characters has me wanting it and soon. FictionZeal is also an Amazon Affiliate and receives commission if an item is purchased using the link. Vaughn clearly feels that recent spy films like The Bourne Identity and Skyfall have moved the spy character into far too reality-based escapades and brings the entire genre back to the realm of silly with an exploding head or two.
There is no depth too low for the film to plumb in order to get a laugh and it works fantastically.
Jackson is clearly having a blast as the lisping maniacal nutcase whose plot threatens the world, but whose aversion to violence leads to some of the funniest scenes.

His spy comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service is based, like Kick-Ass, on an irreverent comic-book series by Mark Millar, and Vaughn has cooked it into pure fanboy ecstasy— a muscle-flexing spectacle of cartoon violence and cheeky attitude, which announces its cleverness at every turn. A sex joke in the film’s back end (and about that part of the anatomy) panders to the most puerile of the target male demographic.
Flash-forward to the modern day and Eggsy (Taron Egerton) is arrested for stealing a car and is saved by Galahad and offered the opportunity to join Kingsman, providing he can best his other trainees.
Think Roger Moore’s era as Bond, then mix in some Kick-Ass and a healthy dose of My Fair Lady (or Pretty Woman if you prefer) oh and the exploding heads. Firth is the suavest hero in decades and his rules of being a gentlemen will no doubt lead to copycats in popular culture, and he does for Savile Row suits in this what Marilyn Monroe did for white cocktail dresses in The Seven Year Itch. Jackson) plots to cull the population by activating a rage-inducing mindcontrol app on everyone’s phone. The lisp that Jackson speaks with, neon-highlighting his supervillain’s wimpiness, grows old fast.
But his henchwoman (Sofia Boutella), an assassin with lethal gams, is sharper than any recent Bond baddie, and a sequence in which Harry slaughters a churchful of rednecks hits the right anarchic note, showing Firth, at 54, with the balletic prowess of someone half his age.
Jackson) tired of fighting against global warming develops a plot to save the planet through less than orthodox means. Speaking of young men, newcomer Taron Egerton, playing Harry’s protege, delivers a star-making performance flush with the kind of charm and unexpected gravitas that no amount of flashy filmmaking can fake.

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