I got a chance to go Black Friday shopping last month (yaay it’s finally a thing in Canada too now! Overall I recommend Noir Tease and Bombshell a lot but you can leave out Victoria and Dream Angels.
Each of these is delightful but I would encourage you to take a trip to Victoria's Secret and try these out for yourself. Very Sexy is a fragrance I enjoy in its original mix but I love the Very Sexy Summer scent as well.
Sexy Little Things NOIR is a fragrance I told you about this past winter and the Summer blend of this fragrance is no less fantastic.
BeachSexy Self Tan is just what I need to create a custom, sun-kissed look that doesn't come off as "too much" or "so fake". It was pretty good because one bra is around $60 so it was my chance to save and I just had to get them because they are the only ones I wear. Probably not this particular one because it was free and VS freebies only last a little time. I got the full size of Tease for $25 on sale (they are normally around $60) so I recommend waiting for one of their offers (they have them all the time) or wait for the semi-annual sale. With this product, anyone can easily choose their ideal shade by simply clicking the top around to their choice tone. It's described as being "A sultry escape with vibrant, juicy fruits and seductive woods.

For the season, you can buy Dream Angel Heavenly Summer that Victoria's Secret calls "A romantic escape with sheer, fresh blossoms and tropical fruits. Victoria's Secret Beauty created it to be "An enchanting escape with lush, flirty florals and sheer musk.
It's perfect for the warm weather {that I just know is on the way} and makes me feel very feminine with its fresh scent. One drawback is that it doesn’t last too long but I still highly recommend getting it because it smells amazing. It is one of their best sellers so you may want it give it a try because a lot of people like it. But you can get buy a set with mini perfume bottles (they are giving it out at a special price of $25 at the moment). It smells a little like coconut oil and is the perfect way to treat your skin after being out in the sun while adding some shimmer to your skin and a little hint of a tint.
So, what I choose as my own pick {shared at the end of this post} may be the exact opposite of what you should choose for yourself. Victoria's Secret Beauty describes is as "A fragrance that would make a woman feel her hottest, her sexiest, her absolute INCREDIBLE best.
Along with my purchases they gave me a Mini Victoria’s Secret Perfume set and a VS tote free (which they gave to all the people who spent $70 or above). I love them so much that I’m thinking of writing a post on them! I also got a full sized perfume in Tease which is my favourite one so far.

A tip on making the scent stay on longer is to apply some vaseline on your wrist and then spray on. I'm going to highlight each of them with their descriptions and then tell you which I choose as my favorites for the season. I even tried this product on my own {very pale} skin and was impressed with the copper tone it left without making me orange. I will say, of the product choices available, I find the Indulgent Body Cream to be soooo lovely and refreshing. The set is like a sampler and has four of their best selling perfumes: Tease, dream Angels Heavenly, Victoria and Bombshell.
Overall I love Bombshell and don’t own the full size but plan on getting one during the next sale. Now, I don't know about you, but after being covered in diaper cream, cracker crumbs, and Cheerios everyday, I can use a perfume like this to make me feel like a woman in the midst of motherhood.
I’ve tried out all of them and will be reviewing them in this post and describe their scents.

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