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To help us maintain our wide breadth and high standard of content, whitelist our non-profit site to continue enjoying it without these pop-ups. The Husbands of River Song is the first meeting of Alex Kingston and Peter Capaldi, and DWM asked the latter what it was like for the Doctor meeting River again? THE HUSBANDS OF RIVER SONG DWM previews the exciting Christmas Special The Husbands of River Song and talks exclusively with writer Steven Moffat.
ASK STEVEN Showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers’ questions about Trap Streets, Zygons and why Osgood is Osgood.
DRAGONS’ DEN There’s a brand-new comic strip this issue: The Dragon Lord, written by Steve Lyons and illustrated by Adrian Salmon. CHRISTMAS IS COMING In her column Relative Dimensions, Jacqueline Rayner wonders if question-mark underpants will be available in time for Christmas. HEAVEN & HELL DWM goes behind the scenes of this year’s final two episodes, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent, and chats to director Rachel Talalay about how she went about bringing back Gallifrey. ZYGON ALERT! Writer of this year’s acclaimed Zygon two-parter, Peter Harness, talks exclusively to DWM and explains how a Saturday teatime children’s show can simultaneously speak to adults about serious political issues.
COMING SOON All the latest merchandise releases, including the much-anticipated War Doctor audio dramas from Big Finish, Only the Monstrous. When he’s not watching television, reading books ‘n’ Marvel comics, listening to The Killers, and obsessing over script ideas, Philip Bates (Kasterborous' former Editor) pretends to be a freelance writer.
Our new and improved weekly Kasterborous newsletter is bursting at the seams with Doctor Who reading suggestions, creative ideas, giveaways, interviews, first looks at future content and more. It’s nearly that special time of year where, young and old gather around to share that special gift, the gift of Doctor Who – letting us peel back the wrapping a little early the Beeb have released a few new snaps from this year’s special, The Husbands of River Song.
The special will see the Doctor reunited with a disbelieving River Song; who’s having her own troubles with a hitherto unseen other husband, King Hydroflax, who was described by Davies as a ‘deluded, nine foot cyborg’.

And what’s more, how about a little kiss under the mistletoe for Alex Kingston, Peter Capaldi, and guest star Greg Davies from Wednesday’s premiere screening in London?
WASHINGTON POST: Larry Wansley convinced himself long ago that three hours’ sleep is plenty.
The Doctor is in a chase across the galaxy when a spaceship crashes into a remote human colony on Christmas Day. While hiding from Christmas festivities on a remote human colony, the Doctor is recruited to help River Song.
It would be a nice finale for the character, but I hope we get to see more of her-- she's a favorite of mine and she really did click well with Doctor Capaldi. Our writers are volunteers, offering their services to give you interesting Doctor Who articles and features. We also take a look at the latest books and audio and gifts which make perfect stocking fillers. All the latest official news, competitions, The Watcher’s Fiendishly Festive Christmas Quiz, The DWM Christmas Crossword and a massive double-sided poster! Any article that appears on the site past February 2016 claiming to be written by Andrew Reynolds has been done so maliciously and without the authors consent. His thoughts kept him up anyway, but even if he did drift off, the chances were good that the phone — always next to his ear, whether at home or in a hotel room — would ring. Capaldi seemed to be really having a ball playing off Kingston after the angst-filled relationship the Doctor had with Clara. I loved the examination of her relationship with the Doctor and how she views her marriage to him. The author does not condone gambling in any form and would not seek to publicise the industry through a children's television show. Sometimes it would be a contact in the Dallas Police Department; other times there’d be a nightclub owner on the other line. So rather than close his eyes and take his chances, the Dallas Cowboys’ longtime security director learned to stay up and wait.

He was handsome, successful, and a doting dad to their four-year-old triplets Dashiell, Evan, and Mason. It is surprising that she didn't have the information about his new set of regenerations though. But when Jonah is found in the Upper East Side apartment of second-rate “escort” Dorinda Dillon, Susie is overwhelmed with questions left unanswered. She always seemed so up to speed about everything going on with the Doctor that I just naturally assumed she would know about that as well. America’s most popular sports league is also one of its more valuable companies, generating about $10 billion in annual revenue, and behind the scenes is an intricate and largely secretive three-layered security force — mainly comprised of former federal agents — in charge of staying in front of the league’s problems.
It’s bad enough to know your husband’s been murdered, but even worse when you’re universally pitied (and quietly mocked) because of the sleaze factor. Its emphases are swiftness and thoroughness, its tentacles reaching into states even without an NFL team, its code mostly one of silence.
None of it makes sense to Susie—not a sexual liaison with someone like Dorinda, not the “better not to discuss it” response from Jonah’s partners. And while its agents can help keep bad actors from ever getting to the league by vetting them beforehand, they are equally if not more valuable in funnelling information back to the league office once problems occur to help make sure NFL leaders are not caught off guard. With help from her tough-talking, high-style Grandma Ethel who flies in from Miami, she takes on her snooty in-laws, her husband’s partners, the NYPD, and the DA (is the person arrested for the homicide the actual perp, or just an easy mark for a prosecutor who hates the word “unsolved”?), as she tries to prove that her wonderful life with Jonah was no lie.Susan Isaacs brilliantly turns the conventions of the mystery on end as Susie Gersten, suburban mom, floral designer, and fashion plate, searches not so much for answers to her husband’s death as for answers to her own life. But this past week, something somehow slipped through the fine mesh barrier of “The Shield’s” shield, apparently catching even the NFL by surprise — something that, by design of its security apparatus, should never happen.

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