My idea of eating clean consists of shaving my visits to Shake Shack down to once a week and my dedication to meditation is as consistent as an Oprah diet.
The first thought that came to mind when I got accepted to the course was, “Oh my God, what am I going to wear?” Then I promptly went out and purchased a Vipassana worthy wardrobe, loose pants and all. I can highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn about equanimity and how to better handle life’s daily dramas in a more composed and healthy manner.
So the only possibility of recognizing the other meditators is by their vague bodily outlines and by their hideous yet wildly appropriate hippy shoes.
With all of these amazing benefits you will emerge from your Vipassana course, skin glowing, hair shining, a few pounds lighter and oh yeah, maybe spiritually enlightened. For those of you who may not know, Vipassana is a meditation technique originally taught by the Buddha with the aim of eradicating any mental impurities. This mediation technique literally has the power to transform your mindset and the way you approach life.

Granted you’re not doing much movement as you’re constantly meditating so to combat this I highly recommend doing as much light movement as possible. I didn’t even realize my roommate, the girl I shared a 10×13 room with for 10 days, had facial piercings until the last day.
She’s an aspiring philosopher, artist, blogger, and traveler and has a deep interest in all spiritual matters.
Whenever I had alone time you could find me doing squats, lunges, pushups or walking around the field. I’ve always wanted to attend a silent retreat, that plus the added benefit of meditation—I was all in.
Good because it provides enough time for the clean eating and basically two meal a day diet to work its wonders.
I didn’t have any dairy, sweets or caffeine (unless you count the 10 cups of tea I guzzled per day).

Being a natural people pleaser I don’t think I’m capable of looking at someone and not smiling in everyday life. Steffi spends her time obsessively reading, binge watching TV, meditating, failing at eating clean and thinking about what she will wear because as it happens she’s also a fashion design graduate, duh. All I had for dinner for 10 days straight was a single banana and the occasional measly apple, and we ate at five.
If you’re the type to need a kick in the tush when it comes to eating clean, this is your chance.

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