But most importantly, I believe that as Christian artists, we create because in the artistic process we draw closer to God.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Prayer, sometimes just called; "The Jesus Prayer" is a very short and simple prayer. Downloading Songs on any of our websites on your computer at no charge is available on all of our featured Music Pages and most of the over 400 websites in the 1800Sunstar cyber network. Many of these Music tracks may even be downloaded directly to your Computer Hard Drive for your listening pleasure at your selected time. When they came to Jesus, and saw that he was already dead, they did not break His legs; but one of the soldiers opened His side with a lance, and immediately there came out Blood and Water.
The great feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and with that the opening of the Year of the Priest (June 19), ought to be a time for us to focus on our study and prayer on the mercy and medicine offered to us by the Lord.
What is detailed in Isaiah is simply too ghastly to describe literally and fit the sentimental model. We engage in the nonverbal language of art when there is no other way to express our emotions - whether joy, confusion, anger or even dismay. In coming to know Him, we make Him known to others inadvertently, almost despite ourselves.
As the Prayer is recited, it permeates the thoughts and expressions of the devotee and ultimately brings deeper Compassion and Humility to the heart. This is an excellent opportunity to listen to a wide variety of Hawaiian Songs and Healing New Age Music from Hawaii and New Age Artists many of which will undoutedly be new to you.

Then, as from a fountain--Christ's inner-most heart--the price of our salvation would pour down out, giving to the Church's sacraments the power of conferring grace and of being for those who live in Christ a drink of the living water "that gushes up for eternal life."Rise, then, friends of Christ. Why is this feast an apt time for us to focus our energies on the theology of the Sacred Heart? As for the description in Revelation, every symbolic detail has been depicted so literally, as to be horrific! I am however, passionately opposed to the trite, uniformity of much that passes for Christian art today. Those, my friends, are some of my reasons for pursuing the goal of creating the very best art that I can as a Christian artist.
Over time the words of the Prayer take on a sacred demension which touch the very presence of the Holy Spirit. In many cases if you enjoy the Music you are listening to you will be able to purchase the Song Track or Music Album directly on the site that offers the Music Track Download.
Heart feast)Since June is the month of the Sacred of Heart of Jesus (and last Friday we observed the liturgical memorial of the the SH) I propose praying the Litany of the Sacred Heart. He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Catholic ecclesial movement and an Oblate of Saint Benedict. Others may label what I create as Christian art simply because in the making of art I am also equally passionate about living transparently and unashamedly as a Christian, both of which will undoubtedly be lifelong pursuits.
The first segment expresses heartfelt abiding faith in "Jesus Christ" as the incarnated Son of the "Father Creator God".

I have incorporated this Prayer into my daily life for over 30 years and it has been a great comfort to me personally. Friday is a day on which we prayerfully recall the Lord's death and this is apt to pray this Litany.
I believe, as you might, that the feast of the Sacred Heart is a propitious time to come to understand the wisdom and knowledge of the Divine Heart.Father Richard Neilson's 1988 article "The Sacred Heart and the Eucharist" is a good place to start.
The contemporary Christian art market is also saturated with all sorts of depictions of angels, from chubby babies with wings, to saccharine, winged women. The second segment of the prayer opens the heart to the wonder of God's Love, Mercy and forgiveness of our shortcomings and the intentional or unintentional hurts we have caused to others. He brings to our hearts the conviction that the human inadequacies of our self-serving personalities (which He calls sin) are no match for His holiness.
The twelve words of "The Jesus Prayer" affirm a deeper expression of both Praise and Thanksgiving to the "Lord Jesus Christ", while also seeking his Forgiveness and Mercy. To bridge that divide, the penalty for our sin was paid for by Jesus' willing death on the cross. When we acknowledge His love, demonstrated by His enormous sacrifice, and unreservedly welcome Him into our hearts, we experience freedom from the crushing burden of that sin.

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