Inca Trail to Machu PicchuOne of the world's most revered hikes, leading through exceptional Andean landscapes before ending on the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu. CuscoThe former seat of the Inca Empire and the gateway to the spectacular archaeological site of Machu Picchu. Machu PicchuSouth America's most famous landmark and one of the world's most recognizable, UNESCO-listed archaeological site.
The Sacred Valley is a valley in the Peruvian Andes close to the Inca capital, Cusco, flush with Inca ruins, gorgeous landscapes, and copious agricultural activity.
In Bocas del Toro and heading to the hills to learn how to make chocolate the indigenous way tomorrow. The Sacred Valley of the Incas is located in Cusco City and contains numerous ruins of Inca, the largest Pre-Colombian American Empire.
It is a fertile valley, famous for a breed of corn with extra-large kernels that grows nowhere else. The Posada del Inca in Yucay in the Sacred Valley is one of the most picturesque hotels that I have ever stayed at, located in what was originally a 17th century monastery. In the 1950s when my parents lived briefly in Peru the people of the mountains wore traditional native clothing as a matter of course.
On the slopes of the mountains that rise above Ollantaytambo we can see some of the agricultural terraces that cover much of the Andes.
The terraces are not cut into the mountain–the topsoil would have been washed away during the first rainy season.
The Spanish conquerors settled mostly in the lowlands where they rounded up the natives and put them to work.

On the side of the mountain we can see the remains of a storehouse where the Inca rulers used to keep supplies of food and weapons for emergencies. Before the battle they had dammed the small river that separated the temple complex from the rest of the town.
While the Spaniards waited for reinforcements the Inca warriors destroyed the Inca trails that ran near the town, gathered up all the portable gold and silver items, and escaped over a mountain pass into the jungle. There was one important long-term effect: because they cut the trail from Cusco to Machu Picchu the Spaniards never found Machu Picchu. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. If your contribution is significant, you may also register for an account to make the changes yourself to this page. Your emailaddress will not be used except for communication about this report if necessary. Over two days, we traveled by van to the markets, ruins, and natural wonders of the region in a state of awe. Aguas Calientes also referred to as Machupicchu town is one of the major cities in the Sacred Valley and is the most important gateway to Machu Picchu, where you can see the most magnificent ruins of Incas.
Today in its narrow streets we can see how the Spanish settlers built their houses on top of the ruins of the buildings they had seized from the Incas.
To the west are the flat coast-lands which include some of the world’s harshest deserts, though parts watered by rivers are fertile.
Without this huge increase in the amount of farmland it is unlikely that Peru could have become the center of a great empire encompassing most of the west coast of South America.

Instead the natives built a retaining wall along the slope of the mountain, then filled the interior with layers of stone and gravel, with topsoil on the top.
Up in the mountains the natives continued to live relatively unmolested, farming the terraces and minding their own business. In the middle of the battle they flooded the battlefield, negating the advantage of the Spanish horses and muskets.
Good luck on the Inca Trail and we are all waiting for some amazing Machu Picchu pics and stories.. The lower part shows a more sophisticated technique with stones carved to fit together precisely with no need for mortar. If the Spaniards had looked up and seen a large Indian work party building a terrace they would have sent soldiers to round them up. The large niches may have been used to display the mummies of prominent people on special occasions. So even though many terraces are still farmed today the people have forgotten how to build them.

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