Part oneIntro, B&W, credits, etc - Desoto Plymouth car dealers across America present, You Bet You Life, a game show where contestants try and win some cash. We offer higher quality video files for download.Downloads are available a la carte or by subscriptionThe MPEGS can play on your TV or on a computerDOWNLOAD MPEGWatch more Classic TV! Subscribers have access to all of the available video files for download and also a massive image library of over 25,000 images. Not much remembered now - but they were responsible for the fashion for Victorian men to have huge patriarchal beards. This is one of those people who,if he didnt get so into health and fitness,might have expired in his 40's from a heart attack.
One wonders if he would have made it past the century mark if his diet would have been a bit cleaner.
Well, I just wanted to say that I am grateful for LaLanne's promotion of clean food and fitness!
The ending is cute cuz Groucho Marx tells the second contestant lady Hey, Jack La Lane is single and so are you. Said he threw them out but when I say that about food I mean it went into the compost so who knows. In the public television broadcast Forever Young last year at the age of 95 Jack spoke of 80 years in the profession. In YOUR opinion it's not normal or natural but none of us can claim to be an expert on that topic so everything is just a guess anyhow.

Building muscle isnt really important to longevity, but its fun, makes some feel good and can often keep those who would be partaking in other activities that arent healthy occupied.
Back to making those feel good, feeling good is an outlook, your outlook and perception is a massive part of health. The Masterpiece Award: For the best performance of the week, as determined by me, your humble host.
I was just reading about the Artists' Rifles (28th Bttn., London Regiment) before I clicked through to see what was this Season's theme!
I know he was trying to be healthy from a convential point of view, but I always found that kind of irritating and wasteful when people don't maximize the use of food. He looks fantastic, he lived to a ripe old age in terrific health and died a peaceful and quick death.
Feel ill, sick and you will be, feel happy ,positive and healthy and you will reap rewards. I want to know what is best to eat, I want to know what is the best way to exercise, the best approach to life, knowledge sets us free. Thank you all for your patience as I sorted through all this and again I apologize for the inconvenience. If an artist's name is a major focus of a song, it doesn't matter if the song isn't actually about art--you're all good! If one of the contestants used the secret word, a puppet in the shape of a duck would come down from the rafters with $100 in his beak.

Thinking of what you said about starry nights reminded me of when I was young I'd say, "If I ever have a boy baby. Because art is everywhere, I'll be pretty broad-minded when it comes to what constitutes art or an artist. You get $100 bucks if you say the word while chattering with Groucho, or answering a question.
However, for the purposes of this week of the Seasons, let's stay focused on the visual arts. So sing the Secret Song and the duck will come down with a special Bonus Prize, just for you! What doesn't count would be songs about writers, singers, actors, musicians-- artists in their own right, to be sure, but not for this week! Multitrack, invite your friends, create an animated cartoon, do interpretive dance, go all Trans-Siberian Orchestra on it. When I tried and failed, I thought to myself how Jack would probably be not too happy to know that what is advertised as a juicer capable of juicing greens for health can't do it at all.

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