Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Smash Media Group, Inc. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. So when she suddenly marries Matthew Frazier, whom she has only known for two months, and moves with him to historic St. Simons Island off the coast of Georgia, her family is at a loss as to why she would make such an impulsive decision. As their relationship progresses, he and Ava must find a way to come to terms with that death and the undercurrent of tragedy that clings to every inch of St. You can almost feel the sand slipping between your toes and the Spanish Moss that drips from ancient trees, as you navigate your way through this enthralling story. White has previously penned dozens of equally interesting titles, all still available for your reading pleasure. A raucous, raunchy, romp through this madwoman’s life is certainly an adventure in the world of literature, not to mention a roller coaster ride for your funny bone. Beginning with her childhood memories of life in small-town Texas, Lawson recounts her bizarre upbringing. Her taxidermist father made hand-puppets out of dead squirrels, and her mother worked as the cafeteria lady at Lawson’s high school and kept the home fires burning. But somehow Lawson survived and continued on her way, as a spellbindingly-creative creature who has no filter and says exactly what she is thinking at all times.

Every chapter of her life is more unbelievable than the last and yet all of it is the gospel according to the Bloggess, as she is known to the more than 100,000 followers who read her popular blog religiously. Delivered with a one-two punch of non-stop hilarity, Lawson takes no prisoners as she shares the tall-tales that happen to have happened to her. The most unusual thing about this phenomenon is that Buddy can recall each of his lives and has come to realize that the wisdom gained in each successive incarnation brings him closer to his purpose- taking care of his boy. Now at the end of what he believes to be his final incarnation, he saves the life of baby Clarity and wonders why she doesn’t have a dog of her own. But as he is certain he has served his purpose already, he doesn’t wonder about it for too long. And although the mere fact of his new existence confounds him, it isn’t long before he is reunited with Clarity, now a wildly unhappy teenager who calls herself CJ. Many a mishap ensues as both CJ and Buddy, who is now a female dog called Molly, struggle to overcome the many obstacles life throws in their paths. And as Molly is re-incarnated again and again, both the dog and her owner come to appreciate the life-long bond that remains, despite the events that threaten to separate them.Written with unfailing elegance and wit, Cameron has a way of putting words in the mouth of a four legged creature that seemingly has no voice at all.
The emotional roller coaster of this story is nothing short of a breathtaking ride, making me look at my dog in a whole new light and wondering just when she will sit up and speak, like the inimitable Buddy. Hendry’s all-inclusive instructions make the baking both delicious and easy, so you can be sure that when you show up to any function with one of her desserts in hand, you will never want for an invitation again.
These important questions are just a few that will surface when you pick up a copy of Brenda Baker’s new novel, THE ELUSIVE MR.

McCoy he knows there is something odd about him, but he just can’t put his finger on it.
When McCoy drops to the ground in a heap at his feet, succumbing to a deep and lasting coma, he has no choice but to become involved.
Of course, all of these lies come to a head when both women arrive at the hospital, discover one-another and the fact that they are married to the same man. Baker’s concise and emotionally riveting writing style keeps you coming back for more. But then, along came the responsibilities of adulthood and little by little, those fun and carefree times just kind of disappeared. Author Allison Arden is here to tell you that, no, those days do not have to be lost and forgotten and she shares the secrets of re-claiming that carefree part of yourself in THE BOOK OF DOING.Even the presentation of this book is fanciful, combining a hand-drawn look with ideas that range from creating your own best ice cream sundae, to creating your own insignia. Plant an herb garden, host a cookbook dinner party, craft something special out of a sentimental article of clothing or simply go for a walk in the rain.
All of these activities and more will serve to open your head and your heart, helping you to re-train your brain, so you can put a little burst of creativity back into the mix. Written with a sense of humor and adventure, this little book is bursting with suggestions that could lead you to a place you probably thought you’d long-since passed, and will be happy to re-visit once again.

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