With the recent rise in popularity of social networks such as 'Bebo' or 'MySpace', the concept of avatars has come to play a vital role in one's personal cyberspace.
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The avatar is a visual representation of one's character, the image all other users will associate that person with.

They can be used to find or recognize people that are known to us, and add a more familiar feel to the IM prospect. For example, on Xbox live, avatars are used to recognize players they are familiar with, or players previously encountered. Skype, an IM network, host avatars which, in some forms, the avatar actually talks when the speaker does. Avatars allow for people to become whoever they want to become, to be who they've always wanted to be.

They have become so advanced that in today's MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) world, we actually have the ways and the means available of uploading our photos onto our characters bodies as opposed to a simple tag or nickname.

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