So here I am back with a very super duper thank you to somegamergirl for the most super terrific Christmas gifts ever! With this year being very tiring to my patience, I'm glad to take part again in the Facebook Secret Santa group, because I'm not only getting to meet fellow MyIGN nerds all over again, but also spread some Holiday cheer their way while I get mines. Ninja socks (Ninja knows me well), Rat Queens is now my favorite new comic of 2014, I'm now officially jumping on the bandwagon.
Hey my fellow dudes and dudettes I've been through a lot these last two months, now if you're friends with me on Facebook then you already know about my father passing away from heart failure on September 7th. DJ Desy D: Yeah she's just an alternate version of SARA, Plus she's great at hacking idiots transmissions while I distract them.
DJ Desy D: Hey NightOWLs i'm on the phone with legal,but here's Dan Croll "From Nowhere (Baardsen Remix)". There is no right way to say how I feel, hell she might not feel the way as I do about her. So yeah this can come off as a little stalker *ish*, this was written like 7 years back so yeah, rip it to shreds have any question on what i've been reading, gaming or doing these last few months, just leave the questions in the usual place. Thanks again Shinji and a HUGE thanks to Isabel and Jose for doing this again for another year. So that it, but I do like to thank everyone who has followed me and have taken the time to check up on me. So that's pretty much what I need help in and some of our articles and most read material are Top 5 posts and the new Nerd Against the World: Spotlights! Haven't played BioShock Infinite but I've seen these Vigor Icons, well two of them might get them tatted on me. I've been designing and hand printing t-shirts and working my new website, Nerds Against the World where I will continue to chronicle nerd activities from around the globe and interview bloggers like yourselves I even designed a new logo for the site, blog, t-shirt. So that's how you can find us, and new content is being developed for the website so stay tuned for EPIC new stuff from us. So there you have it, talk amongst yourselves as to which would go first in the butt touch marathon.
Okay if I was to be judge by anyone I'd go here, so here's my morally fucked up dilemma: I first met my best friend, while I still was a TA (Teacher's Aid) for the Art Department at the college we attended.
Then I started to have feelings for her and I knew the reason why, she trusted me, believed I was a good man, not a person but man and she never judged me for being over weight, liking to eat meat (She's a vegetarian and now a vegan.) But I was placed into the friend zone, what surprised me is that even though I spilled my soul to her, she still continued to be the best friend I ever had and I never thought about her in that way ever until, earlier this year I found out that she was engaged. This one here is just some weird painting I did, honestly I did it, because I was dumped at the time and then a couple of months later, was placed on the friend zone, so I finally finished the painting. This last piece that was entered in the auction and apparently was well received with the audience that attended the event that night. This painting I did is an exact replica of the trophy image from Fallout 3, I dislike the game but I love the image.
Now these next few are t-shirts I've done and their none too special, just Scott Pilgrim inspired tees that I've done. Now I was going to show off my Super Secret project, but I rather you all should wait until I've finished my prep work on it, but for the old MyIGN bloggers it deals with the return of Nerds Against the World. Cos-Player:  Destiny Nickelsen is really easy on the eyes and looks more natural, than another Juilet Starling and Supergirl cosplayers. Okay so I was watching a long amounts of Inside The Actors Studio and James Lipton is fucking awesome! I personally love hearing people laugh, especially when you see people get kicked in the nuts.
I hate hearing people cry, it's just a terrible sound to hear and equally heartbreaking to find out why they're crying.
I really like the word Fuck its so fucking universal and the Brits really know how to use it properly. I like to create a new web show for IGN that would incorparate you the bloggers on the show. I do not want to be an teacher, bullshit hours,low pay, budget concerns, unruly fucking kids, so it's not for me.
If heaven did exists I would like to hear that my mother is waiting for me come on in to see her.
The dude was really cool and after he was done filming, he waved me and my friend over to talk and take said pic with him. So I like a few ideas (sketches actually) so if you have any ideas or inquiries on what you can do hit me up on my wall and we'll talk.
Batman Beyond is set in 2039, about ten years after Bruce Wayne hanged up the cape and cowl then became a recluse in his mansion with his trusty pet dog Ace.
Now for Bruce Wayne two actors really come to mind for this role and both have played Batman in some capacity, okay one did two movies and the other did one animated movie and Young Justice. So Micheal Keaton played Batman in the 1989 original and Batman: Returns, so its very fitting to have Keaton return because, we never really got a solid conclusion on his portrayal of Bruce Wayne nor Batman. Bruce Greenwood first played Batman for the DCU animated feature Batman: Under the Red Hood, his portrayal in that movie was a more remorseful, angry and agitated Batman, for deal with the death and return of Jason Todd. Terry McGinnis, now for casting him casting directors shouldn't go for a teenager nor does the story.
Logan Lerman in his short career that he's capable to funny and charming (for the ladies and guys too.) Also the kid has some acting chops, his upcoming movie with Emma Watson The Perks of Being a Wallflower shows he has something to say the least.
Liam Hemsworth, this dude was awesome in Expendables 2, up until he got blank blank in the blankety blank by blank'n Damme. So before this blog become a TLDR blog here's a few Asian actresses who i feel can play Terry's girlfriend Dana Tran. Both Green Lantern and Young Justice: Invasion returns tomorrow morning, check your local listings for times.
To prepare sandwiches, take 2 slices of bread and spread a thin layer of pesto on one side of each piece.
This beauty is called "The S'Mores Melt" it has Nutella, Marshmallow creme and crushed gramham crackers on a toasted sweet broche bread.
SARA: Speaking of archives, I'm getting a minor disturbance in the engine room and in my main Server processing. SARA: While they're searching for the disturbance here's The Glitch Mob with Warriors Concerto.
SARA: I lost any and all contact to the engine room, it's imperative that you make your way there James.
DJ DesyD: Sigh (coughs) Yeah jinx's, we need to send a message to Astro Base1 before we're done for. Written by the ever made fun of Diablo Cody, comes a simple story of a pregnant sarcastic teenage girl, who's willing to give up her baby for adoption. So i'm going to try and push myself to do more in this community that help me with my introvertness, I'm going to try and write more, but not about comic books not anymore, hell consider this as a reboot because all my comic book blogs suck ass!

For the last few weeks I've seen nothing but bitching and complaining, this needs to stop seriously we're all grown ass people bitching over words. Try upgrading to Internet Eplorer 8 or even downloading a faster, more secure browser like Firefox.
So let me reintroduce myself again: My blog name is Hirogee007, but I'm now officially going by DesyTheGeek. Since my father didn't have no plans for his final resting nor me having the money I had to have him cremated. A little trivia: Karen O played the bass and keyboards through out this production of the record, also Yeah Yeah Yeahs' guitarist Nick Zinner also provided backing vocals, playing the bass as well and mixing. This single is currently featured in Grand Theft Auto V on the fictional radio station Radio Mirror Park and in the official trailer GTA5 PS4 reveal video.
The kind of one where you wanted to be challenge by a woman, the kind of woman that makes you want to change something about yourself.
On one hand I don't want to jeopardize a good friendship that I have with her now, but on the other hand I don't wanna go on not seeing her on a daily basis, I want to tell her that she makes my day a little better when I see her. Even if she doesn't feel the way I do, and just want to remain friends it really matter, because I can contend with being her friend. Personal pizza pans, now I don't have to burn my dinner for on pizzas on the racks anymore. Well the site already has structure, but I want it to be more solid or a more cohesive type of website without losing what NATW is.
The key to this position is to be consistent and don't be afraid to post your opinions while giving the news, but also at moment notice if anyone can't cover a special news report and you're free report it!
For this position even I sometimes need a good proofreading, so this is pretty self exploratory you'll be editing our works make adjustments, while I can focus on keeping the site up, promoting, and side projects for the site.
Along for the journey of Nerds Against the World goodness is my co-creator and friend LeRay Montez Williams, Summer Doster, Robert Jenkins and Benita Levario. So over the course of a few weeks I'll post old Nerds Against the World videos, so you can get a sense of what we are about. With another chapter to entertain the masses with my love of this planet's amazing feature attraction: Women!!! At the time I was too chicken shit to say anything to her so I was quiet every time I was around her., but that soon changed. Wave upon wave of emotions begun to flood back, depression started to return so I started drinking a lot. Oh and I don't really think i'm all that great in the art department, sure I can draw, but not expertly like others I know so the first couple of paints here I did just for whatever. Also the photographer really knows how to brighten out the colors to make these pics seem more vibrant. Oh and car horns oh and hearing people say SWAG, I wanna punch those people in the throats!
When the picture was taken they were filming the 5th season finale right next to my college!
I've met a few celebs who are dicks but he's one of the awesome ones i've met who was actually awesome.
Now i already have 6 tattoos and i'm working on my 7th tattoo, now i want my seventh tat to be on my shoulder going down my arm, not completely covering my bicep but enough to show off the tentacles. And welcome to another "Fan Cast" This time I'm taking the time to cast a live action Batman Beyond. Then enters Terry McGinnis, after being chased by this Joker "fan club" simply known as the Jokerz, Terry stumbled onto Wayne Mansion and then the Bat Cave where he discovered Bruce's Batman prototype suit and don the mask for a "joy ride" if you will. Now in the Cartoon Network series Young Justice, Greenwood's performance or vocal performance is more like a tactical leader and mentor to the younger members of the series including Robin.
Terry shouldn't be cast younger even though that would be smart to do, but if they do cast Terry McGinnis younger or older the casting of Dana and Max should reflect that. A major plus the kid is wiling to do some major action too Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief and The Three Musketeers. Though his tenure in that was short and he showed that he actually has range in his acting abilites, so why not give him his own film franchise? Delicious food for you eyeballs, but I'm going to give you all recipes, than just leaving you with a mouth watering mess on your keyboards.
Put your sandwich(s) onto the grill, press down the top of the grill and let sit for 5-7 minutes or until cheese has melted. The inspiration came when DJ Gothamn took a leave of absents, He started this epic music post with the intentions to entertain the MyIGN masses.
There's plenty of movie to wet our eyes with from newer movies like The Artist and Midnight in Paris to older movies like Enternal Sunshine in the Spotless Mind. Honestly guys, I don’t know Ariana personally but you can tell the incredible love she had for her grandfather and to watch him pass away, must hurt her beyond words.
Please pray for Ariana and her family because this may be one of the hardest things going on in their lives. It's been two years since I've interacted with anyone on here, unless you're following me on Instagram, Twitter, tumblr or we're friends on Facebook. Now I am choosing to do this because this is my second home even if I'm not that active as I like to be.
Looks like we have a caller; Hello and welcome to NightOWL Transmission Radio how can I help you tonight? She's the kind of woman that every man wants, she's intelligent, independent, multi-talented, a scrapper, and so beautiful that you really couldn't tell if she can kick your ass. Though I will always be head over heels for this woman and I hope one day I have the courage to just "MAN THE FUCK UP!!!" and tell her how I feel. This is my second year taking part in giving and receiving Christmas cheer and mad Shinji didn't disappoint. Finally I consider this a gem beyond gems; The comic book I received is called Leaving Megaloplis, by Gail Simone (She's my favorite writer) The basic premise is superheroes going batshit insane and killing all the citizen they have swore to protect! So for the last few months I've been working with a new crew of bloggers in helping me and my friend Ray turn our old vlog series Nerds Against the World into a website.
Which is showing the world that nerds of different walks of life can work together and show off their awesomeness.
In this position you'll be working with me on a regular bases on guest wrangling to setting up recording dates. It was a a very cold October of 2009 and the professor I was working for left for a department meeting and I wasn't suppose to open the classroom until the time, the class actually starts.
Actually I've been drinking a lot since my mother's death back in 2007, never got drunk to the point where people don't want to be around me, but enough to pass out when confined to my own room. I sold them in an auction and the proceeds for the painting when to fight against racism and violence in Los Angeles' neighborhoods.

Though I know its missing some epicness, some bold style, So I come to you my fellow artists.
After sometime Terry and Bruce finally learned to work with one another to take on the new rouges gallery that is haunting Neo-Gotham. Also the actor should be willing to bring some form of brightness with Terry when he's hanging around his girlfriend Dana Tran and his best friend and occasional sidekick Maxine, because not everything should be "dark". As for Young Justice we see a bad*** version of the Blue Beetle and the first appearance of Static. I bet you all have totally awesome new blogs in the works, like me I have a couple comic book related post in the works and part 2 of my four part EPIC The AbsolutionTransmission: Invasion series. Here's The Protomen with The Will of One, a fitting song the entails the doom of the Absolution. With The Dark Knight Rises coming out next Friday and a lot more comic book movies for the next foreseeable future, so this does bode a good question: Are comic book movies over saturating the movie industry?
Written by David Franzoni, John Logan and William Nicholson, They tell the story of Roman General Maximus who is betrayed by his Emperor and battles through the gladtorial games to defeat the evil emperor to avenge his family's death.
The movie explores two people, who I feel are right for each other but grew up in two totally different timelines. I know i've been consistent and haven't really written a worthy blog since November of 2011, but really shocks the hell out of me is why even bother following me why click on my name to even follow me?
So for the last few years I've went through some personal tragedies; the passing of my pops back in October 2014 and my own personal health have gotten worse, but I'm still pushing through it and I'm taking the right steps in correcting my health problems. Losing a parent is a bitch, and I lost my mom 7 years back so in a way I'm a orphan, I'm kidding but I just wanted to share this, peace and love to you all. Its me and only me to make a decision, at times I find myself talking to dead space, like she's there and me practicing on what I'm going to say to her when we're finally alone. Now I'm not a hard man to shop for, I stick to three things: comic books, nerd swag and my go to gift choice gift cards. But our main focus is to bring the funny and create a atmosphere where your comfortable listening to us. Yes were a website now, except there's a few problems that Ray and two other crew members are hit with "Real World Problems" and rightfully they should focus on that than helping me make NATW a global threat to other sites and podcasts that are out there.
Must be willing to write on the site every now and then, when either I give an assignment or on your own accord. Though why I really think i'm so fucked up, she not only broke with the guy and called off the engagement and I'm actually happy about it! So just Justice League would have the rebooted Batman, while us fans can have Terry McGinnis adventures as the Batman in Neo-Gotham. So for now i'm venturing into the kitchen more and more and finding awesome recipes online, so for today's FOOD PORN we have a yummy desert! To some NON beilevers yes, comic book movies is the only thing that's taking over Hollywood (besides reboots) and that original ideas isn't the norm anymore.
What's interesting about this is that, without being as raunchy as The Hangover or too over the top like The Dictator.
So i'm going to leave this question to you: Do you feel comic book movies oversaturating Hollywood? But I want everyone to spread the word, to not mob her in person, and just stress her out even more than she probably already is. I've noticed the community changed overtime and when I started this was a new area of the internet I ventured into. So thank you once again to somegamergirl for the gifts and to JoseOmatic for organizing it again. So like I said I've been inactive for awhile, a lot of that was due to some family issues, my health and depression, the first time i'm actually admitting my depression.
Every time I see her my heart skips a beat, I lose my breath every time I see her from far away. At first she was worried about me for letting her into classroom, ahead of time but I had a ulterior motive.
Now i'm not going to write some sob story about how drawing kept me focus, in fact I only draw and paint when i'm pissed off or that I have a deadline to complete. While comic book fans are enjoying seeing their favorite superhero or graphic novel being adapted into a potential Hollywood blockbuster.
Bridemaids achieve acclaim that when into being nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Its funny i would admit my depression here than on Facebook where i'm friends with some MyIGNers, then I remember my family and friends are in my friends list and with the stress I've been under and what has happen to the comedian great Robin Williams, I don't want people to think i'm suicidal.
So for the few that care, the reason I feel MyIGN isn't my go to source of enjoyment anymore is that, I feel my writing sucks, not that interested in meeting new followers, even though I welcome them with open arms and I've been very three faced a lot over the last three months and yes its a personal problem, but over the three plus years I've been here on MyIGN, I always felt I can put myself out and blog about my feelings and there's always a few of you that gives me the half assed, backhanded words of encouragement that makes me keep on truckin. I reassured her that nothing happen to me and she believed and trusted me right there and then.
I'm the definition of being a loser and I can't even obtain any woman's interest long enough to make a good impression. While this could potentially be a discussion that could go either way, lets think about this; Is Hollywood really out of ideas for new and "original" movies? I'm so much in a fucking rut i've been depressed and defeated that i really didn't care about doing anything anymore. When I wake up every morning and go to bed every night, she's the first and last thing I think about. Working on my website Nerds Against The World and it is moving at an snails pace, but hey greatness doesn't strike fast right?
Well I've let myself come out and talk about it, excuse me while I go polish off this whiskey. This depression is really getting out of hand too, i was even depress on my birthday, but i can't talk about with my friends nor family, because they have this preordain notion of who I am.
Outside of Gamestop and here at MyIGN, I've never met another woman outside of the internet who had a extensive gaming background as her, plus she know her comic books.
Though this really isn't the place to go pouring my heart out and suspect anyone to give me a pat on my back and say, everything will be alright. So far everything been going great and not so great, but I'm gonna get into that I've finally learn to quit complaining about every little fucking detail now.

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