Each May, the people at Maxim magazine publish their annual Hot 100 List, ranking all of the hottest women in Hollywood and beyond. The Secret Blogger provides a platform for members to share and write about issues that they might not want to feel comfortable publishing on their own sites.  We provide an anonymous platform, and publication of posts does not imply endorsement from the Foodies team.
When I first started blogging, I was paranoid about keeping my work life separate from my “what I did at home” life. It didn’t take long to establish Choclette as my online identity and for the most part everyone has been absolutely fine with using it.
When I make face to face contact with online acquaintances and friends I’ve become increasingly relaxed about revealing my identity. I am innately a cautious and private person so I’m deeply suspicious of having my details out there for all to see and for any person, company or agency to pick up and use without so much as a by your leave.
It’s a long established tradition in our culture for writers to use alternative names to promote their work; some have several.
Initially, this didn’t bother me, it was just one more social media channel I didn’t really have time for and could do without. Of course Google+ is a useful tool for raising one’s online profile and helping to elevate search rankings. Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers.

It was only a year ago that Miley Cyrus was named the hottest of the hot, but this year, she's already fallen to No. Nearly five years into blogging this has become less of an issue, but I have established my online identity as Choclette now and it is way too late to change this, even if I wanted to.
I have had the odd raised eyebrow from fellow bloggers for not using my “real name” when corresponding via e-mail, but as far as I know, it hasn’t stopped anyone from wanting to engage. No one criticises George Orwell, George Elliot or Georges Sand for their names, in fact how many people know their “real” ones?
However, as time has gone on, its presence is becoming more and more pernicious and is intruding into the interactions I want to have with others and stopping me visiting their blogs. As a result of Google’s intransigence in this matter, my blog is not as well as it might otherwise do.
Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink. I am becoming more relaxed about my identity as well but I used to get rather annoyed about not having the option to be what I wanted to be. Most of the PRs I deal with are happy to send me packages addressed to Choclette and even the post office now recognises me as such. Online I am Choclette, that is how people know me in all the social media channels in which I am engaged.

Invariably when clicking on a profile link, I get taken to Google+ rather than the blog I was actually looking for.
Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. So enjoy it while it lasts, because there's a bevy of beautiful women champing at the bit for next year's crown.
On arrival there, it’s often not at all obvious as to where the blog link is, so I give up and end up not visiting that particular blog.
Squares indicate the package is on ground level, while triangles are for packages that require some vertical investigation. It does not recognise the name Choclette and insists that I use the name on my birth certificate.

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