That is totally wrong, look into history and you will find thousands of examples in the past and even today, women are on the top in all the fields, like governance, politics, education, research keeping the secrecy for generation.
The side expansion chambers will be to accommodate the blast of the cannon’s muzzle brake.
UPDATE: Daniel found a US patent that German defense firm Rheinmetall GmbH has on the design of cannon silencers. The difference is that in English forums the consensus is that it’s a fake while in German forums there are almost always people who saw it in real.
I really do have to wonder how much of an impact they make on the sound… and how often they have to replace the internals.

The side chambers for the M109G sound suppressor would seem to accommodate the venting of the muzzle brake. I would think this is fake just for the fact that it wouldn’t be functional when aiming at any moving targets, it’s angle of projectory is constant due to it being mounted to the metal strucures shown above, therefore it could only be used for defending a key spot, maybe the entrance to a bridge or border?
I wonder how much the damn thing cost.Maybe they could dual purpose it as a jet engine test station for testing in neighborhoods.
It shows a letter written back to him from the range in Meppen along with more pictures from different angles and with the silencer apart.
Maybe they should be grateful that the Western powers fought so hard to allow them to HAVE a military in the first place, instead of bitching about where it trains to fight on their behalf?

Where you expect an attack However using something that can adjust it’s aim would be much more useful than muffiling the sound disturbing nearby communities. Read a discussion on an artillery forum and the guys there apparently figured out it was from Meppen, Germany. I know the germans are too smart to mass produce these but they may however had one too many beers and came up with the idea of a silencer the size of the tank and then constructed it for shits and giggles, now that I can believe!

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