The Blake Spell Book The Blake Book of Shadows The Blake Family Book of Shadows is a journal with documented ancient recipes, rituals, and spells.
Incantation: Give me light that I may see the many mysteries held for me Earth, Air and Water to sustain that I might be renewed again. Note: If received as a gift or if there is no black pins then it signifies that your life will be perfectly healthy.
Requirments: Symbol of triangle and upside down triangle in the middle, 6 red Candles, bowl of oil, Circle string of animal teeth. Note: Will strip the power of a witch and grant it to the other witch thats casting the spell.
The Blackwell Coven Symbol The sign is the shape of a circle with a triangle in it and a cross on top and at the left of the cross was a shape of a throwing star this symbol was carved by John Blackwell in the basement of the abandoned house and there was also mentioned that he lived there when Cassie and Adam checked on the computer in the school of Chance Harbor they found a document paper on the computer and the address was 7 Briar Hill the same address at the abandoned house. Some fans speculate that Cassie's mother put the Blackwell family symbol in the book as a warning to her daughter. There are more images and pictures of the Blake grimoire than the Meade and Armstrong grimoires.
Cassie's grimoire is the only one that contains a letter from a member of the prior Circle. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This gift is part of our Museum collection, shipped from the Museum in South Kensington, London. We will use your personal information to send you information about our latest products, offers, sale, competitions as well as information about our activities, events, services and fundraising by email, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. While the Germans used the Runes as basic lettering (emulating the Greeks according to Koch), there are scattered reports of them being used for magic spells.

I do have another theory though, based on a gut feeling: maybe it’s a summoning circle? This section is obviously a rough map, showing a secret spot over three bodies of water and three sections of hills. If it’s related to the zombie article, maybe that’s the location of a graveyard?
This thing right here is big, bold, and seems important without actually containing too much.
There’s not much symbolic precedence for swirls, but what little there is, it supposedly invokes movement. And with that, I think that’s all the book pages that have been revealed in the show so far. The Blake Family Book seems to have more power and ancient spells than the other available Books of Shadows. Later Cassie finds the symbol that was drawn on the ceiling of the abandoned house basement. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Each page has exquisite pen illustrations waiting to come to life through your artist's palette. It’s some kind of Mesoamerican calendar carving, but everybody is mixing their Aztecs with their Mayans, to the point where you can google up either culture and the same pictures will pop up. This one I can pull out good old Rudolf Koch, because these are very clearly 2nd century Gothic runes. I don’t know which ones cast what spells, but from what I can tell, it seems a little random to me.

In one month on the bottom, you can see the parallel squiggles of Aquarius, possibly marking it as January. It also showed the same symbol in the Blake book of shadows which was drew by John Blackwell and was also known as a symbol that is used in spellcraft and is a symbol for channeling dark magic and this symbol was also shown on a necklace in the episode "Witness" when John Blackwell was about to get burned by the witch hunters he used this symbol to channel his power to to make the fire explode in line trails in the form of a pentagram to kill and set all of the witch hunters on fire and the room also. Another guess could be a soul bubble, with body being the outer circle, mind the inner, and the symbols contained within a very complicated and powerful soul.
It could show that these hills are configured east to west, or that one has to arrive at the spot in the early morning, since the sun is in the east. But considering the scrawls you see all over the calendar, that might just be a few lines of notes that we can’t make out. Each section has its own symbols, which means the triangles, squares, dots, and squiggles you see in the rest of the book could be tied to certain months, and along with it, certain dates.
I didn't think much of it, but this past week another homeschooling parent found out I was doing it and wanted the information so that she could do it with her daughter. The three vertical lines are indicating an active mind, or possibly just more water, like a waterfall.
The line, then, could indicate the creature is born in September, or maybe that its evolutionary line changed at some point before reverting back to the way it was. But the double triangles could just be a reinforced meaning, be it divinity, womanhood, earth, heaven, ect.
They tended not to put too much expression on the eyes, it’s mostly about body posture and hand position.

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