It sounds like the type ofA  discovery that one of her Famous Five characters might have made.
The manuscript was not recognised as an unpublished novel at first because it has almost the same name as a book of cartoon strips Miss Blyton published in 1949, called Tumpy and His Caravan.But a closer look revealed that not only was it a complete novel, but the story was also different. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Forse e una lettura piu da femmina, ma di sicuro molti di voi negli anni delle medie avranno letto Il giardino segreto, romanzo di inizio Novecento di Frances H. Su otto ettari si fondono in armonia le rovine del paese di Ninfa e oltre un migliaio di piante. Valigia a due piazze e quella che da qualche anno a questa parte preparo prima di partire: per me e per mio marito.
A long-forgotten yellowed manuscript, which had spent decades gathering dust, has been identified as a previously unseen novel by Enid Blyton.

Il giardino segreto della Burnett pare le sia stato ispirato dalla Great Maytham Hall, nel Kent, in Inghilterra.
Titled Mr Tumpya€™s Caravan, the 180-page story tells the tale of a magical caravan and the travels of its inhabitants. It turns out that this is about a completely different Mr Tumpy and indeed a completely different caravan.a€™Miss Blyton developed dementia in her later years, and Mrs Smallwood believes the story could have been written towards the end of her life due to the a€?clumsya€™ style. I think I am probably the first person, certainly in a very long time, to have read the whole thing.a€?Ita€™s quite a surreal book, but very funny and very entertaining.
Pranzo a Sermoneta (noi siamo andati al Giardino del Simposio, ma c’e ampia scelta), poi si scende giu al Giardino di Ninfa. Valigia a due piazze e il bagaglio di esperienze, immagini, spunti, appunti e ricordi con cui torniamo a casa dopo ogni viaggio. Chiudendo questo banner, scorrendo questa pagina o cliccando qualunque suo elemento acconsenti all'uso dei cookie.

A The childrena€™s author, who has sold 500million copies of books including the Secret Seven and Malory Towers series, was not known to have any unpublished material.
And very original, as a lot of her fantasy novels were.a€™Miss Blyton died in 1968, aged 71, but updated and reprinted versions of her most popular stories are still selling 8million copies a year. But the find was made when a haul of her belongings was sold following the death of her eldest daughter, Gillian Baverstock. It could have been rejected, deemed not good enough by the author or even just forgotten about by Miss Blyton, who famously claimed to churn out one book per week.

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