Bereaved actress Florence Masebe has been sitting on a startling secret like a broody hen for at least two years. Hooghoudt Jenever, a Dutch gin from my hometown Groningen, comes out with a series of taste-experiments.
For the menucards of the Gut Oggau wine tavern I was commisioned to make a slightly drunk version of the characters. Anne Miltenburg came up with a great new concept, empowering changemakers through branding. Illustrations of old fabrics turned cultural institutions for Monopol Ruhr, Kunst und Kultur 2013.

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It wasn't," said our mole."Florence visited the royal house several times, especially during celebrations.
It will be used as background on the Tom Aikens menus letterheads, business cards and website. You'll find her traveling across the globe in order to meet and work with her partners on location. But Hooghoudt Jenever selects new beer - jenever combinations in their 'Kopstoot-kabinet.

However, Masebe is not the first celebrity to be involved in a polygamous relationship with royalty.In 2011, Malaika singer Tshidi Moholo also got married to Chief Kenny Ngove of Giyani in Limpopo as a second wife.

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