Royalty-Free (RF) Stock Illustrations, Clipart, Images, Pictures and Vector Art © 1997-2016 Clip Art, Inc. However, video shows embassy officials with Fogle as he unloads a suitcase from an SUV in the airport parking lot. But Russian intelligence services say they have trapped a CIA a€?spya€™ as he offered millions of pounds to a senior Russian agent.
The arrest of Ryan Fogle is just the latest twist in the long history of spying between the U.S.

They implied that he wanted to contact a senior FSB agent who was snooping on Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the alleged Boston bomber. Embassy worker accused of spying on Russia for the CIA has left Moscow, five days after he was publicly arrested by Russian security forces. Video broadcast by Russia's NTV station shows Ryan Fogle going through airport security at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow before boarding a Delta Airlines flight to New York on Sunday afternoon.
Nicholson was shot dead by a Soviet sentry while spying in East Germany.One of the war's major crises was caused by the shooting down of an American spy plane in 1960 and the subsequent capture of its pilot.

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