General Havoc wrote:There are an infinite number of boring relaxation pieces on offer, even in 1963. I'm afraid the Michael Jordan analogy doesn't resonate with me because to me Jordan was the face of basketball in the 90s, by virtue of being the best. General Havoc wrote:Dylan was the Beethoven of the 1960s, the face of the decade, perhaps alongside the Beatles themselves, but certainly not behind them or anyone else. I wouldn't know what the best rock song ever is, I have trouble enough deciding what my favourite colour is, but I do know that the honour of the most meta of rock songs goes to Billy Joel. Lys wrote:I wouldn't know what the best rock song ever is, I have trouble enough deciding what my favourite colour is, but I do know that the honour of the most meta of rock songs goes to Billy Joel. John Drake is a special operative for NATO, specializing in security assignments against any subversive element that threatened world peace. Categories: Adult Themed Life Size Cardboard Cutouts, Hollywood Life Size Cardboard Cutouts, James Bond Life Size Cardboard Cutouts, James Bond Party Supplies, Silhouette Life Size Cardboard Cutouts. Lifesize Cardboard Cutout has fold-out strut to the rear, which means its entirely self supporting. This photo-quality Lifesize Cardboard Cutout arrives in our own specially designed rigid packaging.
Bob Dylan wasn't the face of anything because he wasn't up on stage, no matter how good his songwriting was.

You'll mention that same song if you get as far as 1980.You think that's the most meta Joel song?
Nothing in music is revolutionary, it's evolutionary, people just like to see it as revolutions because once a new sound clicks everyone jumps on the bandwagon, and those who don't get left behind.
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Your order will be sent with our courier and delivered within 3 days.Next day deliveryPlace your order before 4pm and choose a 24hour service to recieve your parcel Next Day! If I were to make a musical comparison to Michael Jordan it would be the Beatles, who were the face of Rock and Roll, because they were the best.But I think I get the gist of what you're trying to tell me. I like it when Bob Dylan does it (turns out it's him), and I like it when Jimmi Hendrix does it, and I like it when other people do it.
I don't consider it a light year ahead of everyone else, I consider it someone figuring out how to tweak it so that it worked better.There was cultural momentum building up behind this. Calling it the best rock song ever is like saying that rock actually sucks and the blues is where it's at, which is a fine opinion to hold but not when declaring the best rock song ever.On this we agree completely.
It just didn't hit the top of the charts, because it was new stuff kids in California listened to, it wasn't mainstream yet. I think that one song is better than the sum total of everything Buddy Holly could have produced for the rest of his natural life.

It was similar for the Beatles until 1962 when they finally hit it big in Britain, and their kind of music, along with that of others, had already been leaking across the pond. What you see at the top of the charts from 1958-63 is basically the left over momentum from the first rock 'n roll boom that started around 1950. That's a pretty awful thing to say to someone, and while Buddy's too dead to care, I still feel bad about it. People liked that stuff, so they kept buying stuff that sounded like it, even if it was starting to get stale.So there was undeniably a slump around 1960, but it's not because people stopped innovating music, or because nothing new was coming up. It didn't just come out of nowhere like a bolt of lightning, it just needed time to come into its own, to get wide acceptance and hit the mainstream.
Definitely an improvement, but by no means a jump to light speed.At risk of sitting here and repeating the painfully obvious, of course the Beatles came from somewhere, as all bands do.
Which explains my confusion really, it didn't occur to me that anyone cared who wrote the music. Brown You've Got a Lovely DaughterNumber 1 song from May 1st-21st, 1965 (3 weeks)Havoc's Grade: FWhat the hell was THAT?

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