This 12-disc box set contains every hour-long episode of the British hit TV series starring Patrick McGoohan, before he started a series of his own, THE PRISONER. The program was a half-hour series beforehand, known as DANGER MAN, but when revived in 1964, John Drake was now a Special Security Agent for MI9, getting his exotic assignments exclusively from Her Majesty's Secret Service. This version of the series introduced far more Bond-like gadgets, from exploding tie-pins to tape-recording shavers, and emphasized fast action. In Cody's new adventure, a rogue CIA agent has stolen a top secret mind-control device and Cody has to go undercover in London to get it back.

He is in the midst of a painful divorce and everything about the breakup has turned messy and unpleasant. It has sapped his energy and siphoned away his creativity, leaving him with a monumental case of writer's block that renders him incapable of even stringing a simple sentence together. Despite Rainey's efforts to placate him, Shooter becomes increasingly insistent and hostile, intimating a twisted sort of justice that could include cold-blooded murder. While not at all a perfect film, SW deserves better than to be marketed via bait-and-switch sales tactics.

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