Secret Agent was a British action series about a spy working for Her Majesty's Secret Service. You may notice that there were nearly 4 years between the last episode of season one and the first episode of season two. Secret Agent was actually titled, "Danger Man" for its first season in both the UK and in the USA.
Invitations – Customize an invitations and send it in a manila envelope with ‘top secret’ written on it. Activities – As your party quests arrive, they can be fingerprinted (using a stamp pad and a fun keep-sake paper that they can decorate themselves during the party).
Clues to Find the Birthday Cake – Your secret agents’ final task can be to find the cake and missing gifts. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez la politique de cookies de Telligo.

Attention, cette mission, si tu l'acceptes, t'entraînera dans l'univers secret et passionnant de l'espionnage ! For another activity, create a secret code using numbers that must be translated into letters for a secret message. Give the kiddos clues that lead them to even more clues to eventually find the cake and gifts. Tu découvriras des techniques de pointe pour entendre, voir et savoir sans être vu ni entendu !
Cette titulaire d’un Master en Economie et Affaires Internationales est aussi ancien colon Telligo depuis 2003 ! By the time that the second season of Secret Agent aired, there had been three James Bond movies seen in theaters. When the series became available on video (and later on dvd), the name used on the packaging was, "Secret Agent aka Danger Man".

Just one and a half years after this series ended, McGoohan would again star as a cool, calm, and collected spy on the cult series, "The Prisoner (1967)". The secret message can represent the location of the prize (possibly a magnifying glass) for the first to translate the code.
Après avoir suivi les rebondissements palpitants des grands jeux des animateurs, tu monteras toi même ton propre jeu d'espionnage !
John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) used many devices such as tie pins that explode or functioned as cameras and an electic razor that was also a tape recorder or a transmitter.
They were all big hits and any entertainment with a smooth, tough-guy, spy character was likely to be a hit!

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