Ok so the site is a piece of piss to get into, if u don't get in first time, it pities you and lets you in. You will probably like to adopt Scrollspy navigation if you have not much information to share, or if you have only one page to share with your readers. Hopefully, these could inspire you to apply Scrollspy navigation on your own websites in even more creative ways. OK, so the private spy firms of Verbanski Corp and Carmichael Industries aren't really real. Click here to visit the websites for Carmichael Industries and for Verbanski.StyleVerbanskiMuch like the company itself, Verbanski's website is stylish, slick and fairly devoid of details.
It runs in a complete invisible mode, monitors and records all websites visited with time stamp, user names and URLs. So, in this post, I have collected some of the most compelling and creative applications of this type of navigation that I can find. It monitors all popular web browsers and clients, like MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Commnicator, Netscape Browser, AOL Explorer, Avant Browser, Maxthon, NetCaptor, SlimBrowser and much more. I work in marketing, and it's a bullshit sector - people trying to make a science out of things that are instinctive and then overcharging people for their advice.
For slower comps such as mine, going through this menus and slow speech because of Flash just kills the speed.

But with the Srollspy Navigation, instead of directing visitors to different pages, it will scroll to each section while still on the same page. Just the kind of image you want to portray when luring clients into spending millions of dollars on private security and espionage.CarmichaelHow does the website for Carmichael Industries compare?While obviously the friendlier and more informative of the two, Carmichael Industries is missing a little something when it comes to style. You can also show all records in the software directly, export these messages to HTML files in a directory for later analysis.
Your enthusiasm for movies and your understanding of audience demographics (kids, geeks, etc.) gives you an edge over some dickhead marketer at a major studio who did a marketing degree and learnt dick from it. The menu based on the scrolling position will be automatically highlighted to show the visitors where they are currently on.
Company sites for both Carmichael and Verbanski have popped up, giving us a look into what makes these two competitors tick.Since a company's website is the main way that customers learn about a business these days, it seems best to rate the Verbanski and Carmichael websites in areas of style, content and usability.
It is useful for you to know what your employees or kids are care and talking about with others. Oh and this movie never had a chance of making $$$ from the start, as much I actually hate to say that.
You can download Website Spy Monitor and take a trial before order to make sure it works for you. Definitely Verbanski.ContentVerbanskiThe slick website for Verbanski finds itself somewhat lacking when the user hunts for actual information.

It's great to know that Verbanski is prepared for "any and all challenges," but that's hardly specific.
Even the services listed sound like little more than security buzzwords.The website is a little better when it comes to Gertrude Verbanski herself.
Still, one must wonder why no one else appears to work for the company.CarmichaelJudging from the website, Carmichael Industries is all about communication. The extensive textual explanations given on the "Services" page offer clear security examples, and the "Our Team" page includes fun biographies of the spies. Were it actually possible to submit an application, this feature would be a little better.Winner in UsabilityCarmichael Industries seems friendlier and more likely to include a "Contact Us" button in the future. So we'll give this one to them.OverallBy a hair, Carmichael Industries wins out over Verbanski in the battle of the websites.

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