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Content is available under A Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Even those who are too young will be pleased to welcome Cindy Jefferies' new Fame School series, which will follow Chloe and her friends from their acceptance at Rockley Park School to eventual fame (maybe).

The song is found on her "SECRET AMBITION" single as track #2 and on her GREAT ACTIVITY album as track #3. She comes from a musical background, went to school with Cozy Powell, and was inspired to write Fame School by her involvement with her youngest son’s rock band, Stitch.Cindy's varied career has included being a Venetian-mask maker and a video DJ. Jefferies' children are involved in the music business and she has learned from their experiences.

She decided to write Fame School after experiencing the ups and downs of her children, who have all been involved in the music business.

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