Also I note with displeasure that it's a bunch of dudes going to save a couple of ostensibly helpless women. Bond is a solo operative, he wouldn't have a team coming to get him back detracting from HIS storyline. If it turns out that all this time she was wearing a wig concealing a dozen communication devices or something, I will be so happy.
According to the Wiki, Nick Spencer was originally the writer at relaunch, but obviously not right now. I haven't really seen too much of that in this volume of Secret Avengers, but even if it is true Jessica Drew's spy skills are just a small flaw in what I would consider to be a terrific and very fun series. Hmmm, OK, according to Amazon the relaunch was when Nick Spencer started, he did the first two volumes and maybe part of a third, when Kot took over, and Kot's first full volume is called Volume 1.
Yeah, the Fury doing anything other than killing superbeings betrays a lack of understanding of what the Fury is.
Brubaker said on Twitter that there are three more members not in that image.Certainly a big boost in visibility for Valkyrie. So after Doctor Strange is more or less jobbed to make one of Thanos guys look more badass, he is saved, not by his own powers of efforts but by a random plot device? In the most recent issue, Gladiator, Ronan, Annihilus and Super-Skrull had to work hard to take down Black Dwarf.
Which would totally make him the logical choice for attacking an actual army made of nonpowered humans. I believe in the death of the Invisible Woman book, it mentioned that Sue can shift the field to different levels of protection. I see multiple claims online that she's blocked lasers before, though I haven't read such a scene myself. Yes, she would certainly be spreading herself VERY thin based on her usual level of force-fieldy-ness. In the past she's been shown to suffer extremely painful feedback just from the Thing pounding on one of her shields.
Sue's powers have increased over the years, and she's managed to not only contain the Hulk but knock him out in the past. The point of the fields was to get everyone to calm down for a second so Reed could talk, not win the fight.
Sue managed to hold Gladiator in a bubble for a few moments before feedback from his blows knocked her out back in FF 249-250, and her powers have increased since then. She was back from before the Ultimate Universe becaming increasingly stupid, so she doesn't apparently count.
I can understand Loeb feeling the way he did after what happened in his personal life but I really don't know why Marvel would let him basically take one giant shit on the Ultimate Marvel Universe, especially since he wasn't even one of the big writers for the line like Bendis or Millar. I don't think it really had anything to do with his personal life--at least, there wasn't anything in Ultimatum that says that. Worse, he looks like Movieverse Starscream, the ONE movie design I can honestly say was stupid and wrong. Now I wonder how long it took DC to find Osama Bin Laden, considering they had Batman, who I'm sure would be willing to take a break from defending Gotham to drag Bin Laden back. Oof, these pages look like they embody all of the things I like least about Ultimate Marvel.
I thought Ult2 was so over the top it was hilarious, and actually had a nice emotional closure at the end, bringing everyone together to save the world.
Curse you for reminding me of the fridging of Hawkeye's family, and the ludicrous breakout-by-fingernail. Well maybe I phrased that wrong; The costume, while similar to the classic look, very much a generic "modern" look, and without the W on the chest he could just be any random supermook.
I dunno, if you took the W off the classic Wonder Man I don't think I'd be able to recognize him either.
Yeah it's easier to recognize him when he's got his whole outfit with the sunglasses and the jacket, by itself his basic costume jumpsuit thing is a very generic look. I imagine that some of it might be taken out due to it not being important to the story in the grand scheme (like her crush on Peter), or using other characters in the comics in their stead (I'm sure there are more psychics in the 616 then the ones in the X-Men). Thanks for this; This is something I'd actually be interested in getting my hands on, "meta" done right. The art in the teenage years segment is absolutely gorgeous, but that little kid is definitely doing a trollface impression when he's leaving Jessica's room.The Purple Man turning so meta during a fairly mundane scene doesn't really work for me, but overall, this is some pretty good rwiting.
One of the really loathsome Absolute Monsters in Marvel, tis true.Though I have to admit it'd be interesting to see someone with Killgrave's powers who wasn't a complete monster, but couldn't turn it off. Going to have to hunt down the trades for this as a late Christmas present for myself, I think! I liked Mayday quite a lot, more than the 616 title (especially after OMD), although the rest of DeFalco's MC2 project didn't hold as much attraction for me. Good stuff :) Though, I hate to say it, but I don't feel a strong *need* for more Mayday, on the ground of having 130+ issues of her stories.
You bet I'll mark that date!I haven't yet had the chance to check out Mayday's series,but from what I've heard and seen, it's exactly the kind of book that should be supported as a way to speak up against all the tragedy and misery that threatens to overrun comics these days. I tried reading the series and the writing style (particularly the use of second person narration) didn't do much for me. Unfortunately I'm with the crowd that, while finding May interesting, could never really get into it specifically because of the creative team, which was rather old-fashioned (at least in terms of what I was used to) and just didn't really sell me on it. Well, sadly yes, but I trust DeFalco to do it well, like it seems every other writing in this event who isn't Dan Slott seems to manage it.

Founded by girl geeks and members of the slash fandom, scans_daily strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBTQ-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly and otherwise discrimination and harassment free. I got nothing wrong with the idea itself, but, again, the last time anyone attempted it in canon, it was Austen with his trademark character destruction, and no matter how much I'd love to, I can't forget that. I bet Mark would have made a good father to Victor.Also Victor and Pym need to meet just for pure WTFness. If someone were to try to give Maria Hill a credibility push, having her be in complete control of SHIELD from the inside of her cell (all Vetinari-style) might be a good way to do it. Maybe it's better to say that I'm hoping for something to retroactively sorta-justify this, I guess, and that's the closest I could think of."So, since you're helpless in my clutches, I think I'll gloat yet again--""You know, I signed all the orders to build these cells. If you're going to be doing these things, it helps to be part of a superhero team so someone will rescue you if you're the type to get yourself into these situations. Spencer launched that and his ongoing AIM plot before he got shifted to Avengers World and had some of his stuff tacked onto Hickman's.
The Fury is barely sentient; it wouldn't, couldn't, care about such things even if it was physically able to produce offspring.
Supposed to be in deep calculation for some millennia, but he could have been awakened despite himself.He'd work better than Fury, anyway. Because all these Heroic age promos that have shown Beast have him looking like he did before he went all cat-like. I concede that I probably shouldn't do that, but once again we're sort of breaking the rules on how these things are structured and laid out.' - Jonathan HickmanRight smack dab in the middle of Thanos' invasion of Earth, another incursion between realities occurs.
Might want to check some of Northern Terrority and Western Australian especially in the desert. There's a million different things going on but they're all buried under layers of dramatic *nothing* and I can't bring myself to even try to care.
Hickman's so busy trying to be epic that not enough is happening to cover up all the obvious flaws like the inconsistent characterization,the wonky power levels and huge gaping plot holes involving things that should be going on while all this stuff is going down that conveniently don't happen.I can't think of any of the past well received comic epics that on close examination didn't have some nonsensical parts. It's a psionic force field that has been shown to be incredibly resilient and prevent power use within like telepathy, so I don't think Monica could do anything. Here, she's not only containing at least two characters who are well above Ben's strength level as well as a number of lower-level tankers, but she's also having to split her concentration to maintain a dozen or so shields at the same time. I can see her containing everyone for a few moments before Blue Marvel or someone else manages to breach a field. It was really well structured and one of those rare moments we were shown a character being smart, rather then being told about how smart they are or reading technobabble.
Needlessly brutal "superheroes" fighting generic terrorists in a vaguely topical setting, all of them sporting dull as dishwater updated designs.
Ultimates 1 "Hey Interesting."Ultimates 2 "Ok, I guess, bu-"Ultimates 3 "I am both stupider and angrier for having read this. Wasn't necessary, didn't lead to anything halfway decent, actively shows off how thoroughly Hank was fondling the idiot ball. What I did not enjoy was Hawkeye's bit, or the fact that his family's death became his entire personality and made him a pretty terrible character in Ult 3.
And physically, he looks far more monster-y and roided up, not at all like the movie star-ish Wonderman of the 616 U.
Personally I always think of his proper costume as having the jacket and so on because it very much works with his personality imo.
The entire series is available in four trade paperbacks (or an oversized omnibus edition) so be sure to check them out if you liked these posts.Finally, a trigger warning as this story features the Purple Man reimagined as a rapist.
I know that they ARE going to be adapting the story, but that the Purple Man won't literally be purple, as they thought that it wouldn't fit with the tone of the series that they're making."They could probably keep the name (Purple Man) if they wanted to and say that his powers cause those he uses it on to have flashes of purple light when getting controlled or when finally becoming free of it. Hard to believe that this is Bendis before he turned all Bendis-y, as ironic as that seems.
He never actually says anything that suggests he has actual awareness like Wade or Ambush Bug, so it could easily be explained as a delusion.Strictly speaking, he never even broke the fourth wall, because he doesn't engage the audience.
Either Bendis is trying to write him like a schizophrenic or he's trying to make some point that's completely lost on me.Also, anyone else who was reading this as it came out or through the scans assume that there was going to be a twist that her quitting superheroing was part of Purple Man's suggestions?
However, there is still hope: she's appearing in Spider-Verse team-up, once more in the capable hands of Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.
ESPECIALLY now when her universe ended up getting hit hard with the trend when it got tangled up in Spider-verse.
As suggested above, the concept was awesome, but Defalco's writing and the varying artists (which, IMO, were never as strong as some of the 'main' Marvel books) left me cold. Kot came in partway through Spencer's run as a co-writer, and was writing it in full by the end, then they relaunched it again for the third volume. Seriously, I"m almost to the point that I'd rather have him dead than looking like Ron Perlman. Chambers Pillar and some the Nimbin Rocks, while not looking like that exact rock are similar. Every single one of them had flaws but in general enough happened each issue and the story was engaging enough that you didn't care that the bulk of Infinity gauntlet managed to happen in less than one day despite tie ins that clearly showed several days passing or how what was causing the Earth's to merge in Crisis on Infinite Earth changed in the middle of the story line.This is just just grinding along so slowly that to me every flaw sticks out even worse. The only person she didn't bubble was Reed.In the book right after the fields go up Reed brings out Black Bolt and Namor. Put the speeches on your blog or the forums if you want folks to see your full authorial masterpiece. Wonderman and Black Knight have got to be the worst here, Wonderman just looks goofy and nothing about him beyond the insignia on the costume reminds me of the original character, and Black Knight is now just another boring dude in an overdesigned suit of power armor.Maybe these are better in context, and I know that Ultimate Marvel's been doing some interesting things lately, but I mean, pages like these are exactly why I never really got into Ultimate Comics. Plus Cap's character had been pretty screwed up by the whole "FRANCE?!" debacle, and his reaction to the Liberators did NOT help.

Maybe they can get around it by putting her in there and just not referring to her by name or something? As a result, I've decided to post my very first entry on s_d to share in the joy that is Spider-Girl. Where they had a friendly Ultron who acted like this Ultron and he wore pants and an Hawaiian shirt. Given the Ultimate Universe has lasted this long, and the 616 books - thanks to Millar and Bendis and the like - have, for the most part, become what the Ultimate books were anyway, I don't see the problem with the Ultimate books as they are now. The writing was solid, the narrative was more engaging, the art was better looking and more unique. Not only cause she can carry it, but it will also allow us to see characters that have too big of a backstory in a regular Spider-Man show, like Ben Riley and so on! The previous volume was good, but has a heavy focus on AIM and Mockingbird, so if that's a group and character that doesn't appeal much, I can't recommend it. Heck on some of the big cattle farms, there are big massive rock formations that aren't commonly advertised. But they have confirmed that Luke Cage will be appearing, and if it's in the MovieUniverse it's possible that they could be wibbling things to get Cap to appear, particularly as they have already confirmed that Stark will be involved in the opening episodes in some way.Whether that means that it'll be Tony that faces the blackmail threat or not, I don't know. You actually put me in that cell, but I had to get back in one in a hurry, once, and you didn't notice the change.""Whuh-?""Alright, that sound you're hearing now?
Here, Kot has rendered Jessica Drew as a complete noob to the spy game, which doesn't ring remotely true even for the character's recent history, and..
But it would kind of make sense, considering RDJ's portrayal of the character and the characterisation of his competitors, such as that twit from the second movie. Her origins lie in the oft-maligned Clone Saga, back when the writers were looking to shuffle Peter & Mary Jane out of the way in favour of Ben Reilly as the all-new Spider-Man. It doesn't quite have the same pop, at least not to me.But Kot is carrying on some of Spencer's subplots, whereas others branch off into Avengers World, so if you're interested, you'd maybe need to go from the 'Reverie' TPB onwards.
MJ's pregnancy was meant to serve as an impetus for Peter to retire and hang up the webs for good. And that, that's the generators for your security grid cycling down--Coulson's work, I'd bet.
However, ultimately the status quo was restored; Ben was killed, and baby May was apparently stillborn. However, it was implied that in fact she had fallen into the clutches of Norman Osborn, and it was even hinted that Peter would rescue her. She tells her that Daredevil got Purple Man, that he's in jail and he can't hurt her anymore.After a few months of physical rehabilitation, Jessica meets the Avengers again. With the change of writers and the reboot, however, instead it was the previously-thought-dead Aunt May who was in Osborn's clutches. Tom DeFalco was able to get permission to explore his planned idea of Spider-Man's daughter in the pages of What If?, to widespread acclaim.
Jessica sees what's on the television.She calls Clay Quartermain who tells her to come to him for protection, but she doesn't know if the Purple Man is telling him to do that.
As a result, May 'Mayday' Parker got her very own series-the first under Marvel to reach 100 issues in a single run with a female lead (something that I believe has only been surpassed by Wonder Woman and Supergirl at DC). It repeatedly staved off cancellation through the efforts of its devoted fan base, and got relaunched twice, once as Amazing and once as Spectacular. However, while she has Electro's look, she doesn't have his experience, having held up an empty armoured truck.
But for it to work, Jessica has to turn it on.Later with Scott, he tells Jessica that it wasn't her fault that Killgrave escaped--Carnage blew up the security system and Purple Man took the chance. She skirmishes with Spider-Girl, who is distracted by the fact her phone rings midfight, which coupled with a recently-injured rib means Aftershock is able to escape, while Spider-Girl stays behind to perform CPR on an injured guard. Having successfully helped him long enough for an ambulance to arrive, she answers it to find that it's Brenda Drago, daughter of one-time Vulture Blackie Drago who briefly followed in his footsteps as a supervillain before reforming, calling to share news of her engagement to Normie Osborn, grandson of Norman who was the Green Goblin until May was able to convince him to reform-while she had lost her powers & was tied to a chair, to boot.
Looking guilty, Jessica tells him that she's three months pregnant (there's some foreshadowing prior that I had to remove) and when Scott finds out it's not hers, he says goodbye and walks away.Jessica waits for Luke outside his apartment. She would go on to then borrow his old goblin gear to keep superheroing till her powers came back. She gets home, only for her parents (well, her father) to be unimpressed with the happy news, nor with Mayday taking time out to intervene:One of the best parts of Spider-Girl was her relationship with her family, her father in particular. That it does affect your life in a negative way, that it's hard, but that it's worth doing.
That subtle, but significant difference put her in a much more positive and proactive headspace, which was pretty much the whole vibe of the MC2 Universe.
MC2 was unabashedly a universe wherein heroes existed and helped make the world a better place, so that a second generation of people who get powers are inspired to do the same thing. Tom has talked in interviews that that was based on his brother, who had been a cop, and his teenage daughter was at one point considering going into the military, and his brother would not have it. He served in the military, he was a cop, he raised a family, but he went out everyday and risked his life, and now his daughter wanted to make the same decision for herself and he was completely against. So, Peter puts on the webs and meets up with his old archenemy nemesis guy he used to fight, and we get the secret origin of Aftershock![pages 11-13]One thing I like is that, even though Peter retired from his heroic career way before his 616 counterpart, he's still regarded with awe as one of his generation's greatest heroes, a side of him that Mayday's never really seen before.Spider-Girl is the first to encounter Aftershock, and after Aftershock gets the upper hand, Mayday calls her dad (and the other Avengers) o help. Electro is reluctant to go with Spidey's plan, to essentially short out the difference in their electrical fields through prolonged contact, but after Peter gives him a pep talk on fatherhood, he does what's needed to be done:Peter, Mary Jane and May discuss the implications of what's likely to happen to Aftershock now-since she is a minor, she'll serve a light sentence or be paroled into her father's custody, and Peter believes that Max will make a good father, despite his past mistakes.

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