Springtrap AKA Spring Bonnie is former child-murderer turned undead monster trapped inside an animatronic and is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. He is also the only animatronic who can kill the security guard unlike the Phantom animatronics.
At the end of the 5th night, it is revealed that Springtrap was the suit that The Killer attempted to get into upon being cornered by the spirits of Freddy and the others. At the end of the 6th and final night, the entire building burns to the ground from unknown causes, and Springtrap himself is presumably destroyed for good along with it. However, in the newspaper article, it is mentioned that the remaining parts of anything found within the attraction would later be auctioned off. A message hidden in a pre-release post (the double-lettered words spell it out) revealed the animatronic's name as Springtrap.
Out of all the animatronics in the entire Five Nights at Freddy's series, Springtrap appears to be the only one to not have a "starting point" as to which camera he can be initially viewed in during the beginning of each night he appears in before he starts moving.
According to the final minigame, The Killer attempted to hide in Springtrap to avoid the ghosts of the children but was gutted by the wires and beams within Springtrap. According to a hidden minigame that is found by tapping the Bonnie plush, Springtrap may have come from Fredbear's Family Diner, along with Golden Freddy and possibly Bonnie himself. Springtrap has five fingers on each hand, as opposed to the cartoonish four-fingered hands of the other animatronics. The shot of Springtrap writhing about in the trailer could be the Killer being crushed within the suit. The Killer's decayed mouth can be seen whenever Springtrap opens his mouth, foreshadowing a corpse being in the suit. Pixar's John LasseterA has explained A113 is the number of the animation classroom at the California Institute of the Arts.

Many animators like LasseterA attended school there, and by including the number they are giving a subtle shoutout to their alma mater.
I'm splitting this into a separate post to not spoil the people going to the episode post for links with song titles. Build a Bear's MD Roger Parry has revealed his plans for the upcoming year in an interview with Toynews . The third installment of the MLP comic released yesterday, which means I'm sure a bunch of you have picked it up and read it! Your students will count the Halloween items in the picture then write the number that tells how many. Click the worksheet preview for the full printable version of Halloween Count and Color Worksheets 1-2.
However, the suit's spring-locks were loose, and malfunctioned easily, causing the suit to contract and tighten if ever they did, crushing any human inside, thus deemed extremely dangerous.
While he did succeed at hiding in the suit, rain caused the springlocks to loosen, and the endoskeleton to force itself into the killer, its inner workings eviscerating The Killer's body and killing him.
When the image is brightened, Springtrap's head can be seen in the background, although it is unknown whether it is just the head, or if more of the frightful animatronic remained. It was revealed in one of the mini-games that Springtrap, who was rather called "Spring Bonnie" was present during The Bite of 87 which was possibly caused by FredBear after Big Brother and the bullies grabbed the boy to get him close into Fredbear's mouth for a "kiss" but the prank went wrong and the boy's head got crushed when FredBear suddenly closed his mouth, which resulted in the boy losing his frontal lobe. This is most likely because Springtrap's costume was (poorly) designed to fit a human inside. Here's Tiana from Disney's 2009 "The Princess and the Frog" jumping on a trolley car marked A113.

EQD, VICODIN'S OFFICE (lol) - DAY VICODIN Look at all those fans, waiting for a followup from someone else. In addition to counting, students are asked to color the pictures specific colors to improve their color recognition and fine motor skills.
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It bears human-looking eyes, and a deranged smile, likely due to decades of neglect and general wear-and-tear. For this reason, Spring Bonnie was abandoned in place of the current animatronic suits and left to rust away.
The Killer died within Springtrap and his corpse remained inside (as shown in multiple images at the game's start up menu). No worksheet or portion thereof is to be hosted on, uploaded to, or stored on any other web site, blog, forum, file sharing, computer, file storage device, etc. The Killer's zombified corpse remains trapped within Springtrap in the years prior to and including the advent of Fazbear's Fright, and his conscious likely haunts the suit in a similar fashion to the souls of the murdered children.
The synthetic skin has also rotted off the feet entirely, exposing metal feet with veins across them. It also walks in a very fluent, casual way, more like an organic being than a lifeless robot.

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