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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is a self-help book, in which the central tenet is that the law of attraction coupled with positive thinking can bring about life-changing results that will lead to a fulfilling life. The Secret introduces a three-step creative process to help people turn their dreams into reality.
The chapters included in the book demonstrate to readers how the law of attraction can be used and what can be done to receive those desired results in areas such as wealth and relationships.
Byrne maintains that the universe emits a certain frequency which people can attract towards themselves.
The process involves Asking, Believing, and Receiving, which is also a concept mentioned in the Holy Bible.

She stresses that positive thinking is a powerful entity which draws in energy in the same frequency range. Along with the creative process, The Secret stresses the importance of feeling gratitude and visualizing in order to help one’s desires manifest. Some of them are The Power, The Magic, The Secret Gratitude Book, and The Secret Daily Teachings. In other words, by always engaging in positive thinking, Byrne claims that people will attract back positivity.
Byrne recommends to readers that they list everything that they feel grateful for, and along the way, this will only attract more positivity and lift the reader to a higher frequency. On January 15, 2009, an article was published in Forbes stating that the book and film had generated 300 million dollars in revenue.

At present, she is working on two Australian television shows called Marry Me and World’s Greatest Commercials. By using visualization, the mind becomes more focused on clearly communicating with the universe. Byrne feels that if a person thinks like a winner, he will be a winner, if he thinks like a rich person, then he will become rich.
The author states that positive thinking will always attract back positivity from the universe.

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