Dong Soo and Young Dal eat with Jung Hee and her family, and they catch up from where our main characters left off as children. Jung Hee sees the car bearing down on Young Dal, and he narrowly avoids being hit thanks to her shouted warning. Yong In, the brother from another father, calls Dong Soo and tells him their mother passed away. It seems like in most K-Dramas, no matter the genre, you need to have a loved one die, particularly in a character-driven one.
Both Young Dal and Yang Ha receive news (separately) that Elder Chang Mook is in the hospital.
Young Dal talks to the detective in charge, who assures that he had to do this, but he"ll simply gloss over the investigation and release everyone.
I"ve talked about it before, but in the wake of Elder Ahn"s "accident," Boss Min really appears to have almost motherly concern for Young Dal. Yang Ha talks to Dong Soo, who tells him he hates to see his two younger brothers fighting and implores the youngest to never forget his biological father"s name.
Most of this episode was taken up by everyone seeing what they could do to keep Yang Ha out of prison. Young Dal finally gives in to Jung Hee"s repeated requests for a date and enjoys an idyllic time with her. Every time Yang Ha reinvents himself to get into father"s good graces again, he ends up as an arrogant ass. And now Yang Ha knows he is Dong Soo"s and Young Dal"s brother, but what is he likely to do with the information? Jung Hee catches up with Young Dal and they patch things up, although her grandmother cautions her not to get involved with him. Yang Ha has spiraled into depression, the same way he had when we saw him at the beginning of the series, but he"s miraculously able to turn it off when needed as he does near the episode. Yang Ha threatens Chairman Go over Jung Hee"s abduction, saying that he can revoke Go"s shares in Daejung, but if the chairman cooperates, Yang Ha can give him more shares in the Macau deal.
Nurses attend to Fenton around the clock, and neighbors and firefighters often check in on the 110-year-old. Five years ago, in an interview with ABC World, Fenton admitted she had enjoyed beer and a whiskey daily for decades. Door op "Accepteer cookies" te klikken of door gebruik te blijven maken van de website, geef je aan hiermee akkoord te gaan.
After being updated by Man Bong and Boss Min, Young Dal heads off quickly to save Yang Ha from assassination.
As they leave, drunken Yang Ha challenges Young Dal to a card game; the stakes, control over an aspect of their lives.
He"s proven himself to be quite the skillful businessman, using his assets to not only protect himself and those he loves but also to make financial deals and acquire even more power. They compare notes and both find they received text messages from each other, then figuring out it was a ploy to bump off Young Dal and possibly Jung Hee, as well. It"s a way to squeeze a few tears from the audience, I think, and things can be revealed at funerals that might seem out of place elsewhere. Yang Ha seemed to think about the spiels he"s heard from Young Dal and Dong Soo in several scenes. Dong Soo arranges to visit his mother while Yang Ha gets reamed by his father, who is disappointed in his management techniques.
It"s odd because throughout the episode, he drinks alone, goes fishing alone, and generally acts a little listless. Now we have Man Bong, Chairman Go, Boss Min, and Myung Jae from Busan, plus whatever Boss Min can muster up. The writers spend plenty of time making him seem vicious and infamous, and even Man Bong seems a bit fearful now that he"s in play. In a completely unexpected turn of events (at least for me), Young Dal rebuffs her in an attempt to turn the tables on the kidnappers. She had only one serious health issue that she detailed, which was a long-ago benign tumor.

I"m sure we"ve all seen shows and movies in which there were one or more celebrities that seemed to be used for star power and not necessarily for their acting ability. Later, Young Dal entrusts Boss Min to call in and redeem $600 million worth of Chungjin Construction bonds all at once. Young Dal wins, and the only thing he demands of Yang Ha is that the young chaebol call him Hyung. Young Dal again tries to talk sense into Yang Ha, telling him that what he"s fighting for had better be worth it.
Yang Ha"s possible defection was given a new wrinkle, a ray of hope, since he actually showed up to -- and cried at -- a funeral that he flatly refused to go to initially. Dong Soo decides he will not accompany her until the "Yang Ha as brother issue" is resolved.
I know she"s basically an ahjumma, but it"s still something I don"t quite expect from crime families.
Managing to avoid prison, the chaebol returns and is embraced by Chairman Yoon, and Dong Soo"s words spring unbidden to his mind. They even go to Chairman Yoon, who seemed singularly unconcerned that his son might be doing time.
I"m not sure, but his facial expressions seem to indicate that he"s not comfortable carrying out Daejung Group"s eliminate-all-opposition agenda.
Boss Min, Man Bong and Young Dal meet with Gang Sun Tae, a lobbyist broker who intends to blackmail Chairman Yoon for some cash.
He may want to avenge his father"s death by taking down Chairman Yoon, informing the prosecutor of his adoptive father"s crimes.
Young Dal continues his plotting to gain power, which involves help from Madame Jang, the old pawnshop owner, Boss Min, and his elderly former cellmate. I was interested when he was warmly greeted by her, his room kept for him at the insistence of Jung Hee. Then, as he receives inside information from a toadie who"s on his side in Daejung Group, he revives.
What"s funny is apparently Chairman Go"s criminal holdings used to belong to her husband, which is evidently the source of animosity between them. I thought the hero was going to be Man Bong, plowing his way through an endless assortment of goons and sending the bad guys running. But Kim Byung Ki and Jang Dong Jik as Chairman Yoon and Manager Hyun respectively gave chilling performances, portraying men whose calculated greed eclipsed even morality.. Young Dal gobbles up Chairman Go"s shares of Daejung Casino and is now the largest shareholder. Walking Jung Hee home, Young Dal is invited in and takes counsel from Jung Hee"s grandmother, who tells him not to be so hard on his mother.
Chairman Go and Manager Hyun plot to get rid of Yang Ha after learning he is brother to both Dong Soo and Young Dal. I"m hoping that, now that Yang Ha has nothing to lose, he will join his two biological brothers. Of course, with the investigation halted, this lets Go off the hook, which he is extremely happy about. I thought it was interesting that by impeding the investigation, they managed to help not only Chairman Yoon but also Chairman Go in the process.
He looked out of sorts in his adoptive father"s arms, too, which I thought was interesting.
Young Dal turns him over to the prosecutor, intending to have Chairman Yoon and Chairman Go investigated and jailed. He may decide sibling rivalry is the easier route and continue to try to rid himself of Young Dal and Dong Soo. He also contacts Shin Hye, asking if there"s a way to regain his memory and spends time with Jung Hee when he can while Yang Ha jealously watches. But this episode, she tells Jung Hee that she needs to get a man worthy of her because she has a good job. He is fairly haunted by his father"s admonitions and still terrified of being tossed out of the family.

We haven"t really seen much of him in action (other than threatening Young Dal and dragging one of Go"s lackeys before him), but I"m guessing he"s behind Jung Hee"s kidnapping. Jaejoong did a great job as the intense, driven Young Dal and Siwan as the mercurial, flawed Yang Ha. Just as he feared, Manager Hyun is arrested for the attempted murder of Elder Ahn, but walks free for lack of evidence.
Jung Hee shows Young Dal a picture of her and him together as children; they were each others" first loves. After finding this out, Young Dal attacks Hyun and proceeds to kick the stuffing out of him. There is talk of brotherhood in the street gangs, there are "crime families" all over the world, and I"ve seen K-dramas involving criminals that call their superiors Hyung-nim. It"s almost like he"s trying to act like an adult, but the main role models he has are the corrupt men in Daejung Group, such as his father. I"m hoping Jung Hee disregards her grandmother"s words or maybe Young Dal can rise above this. Myung Jae visits Man Bong and Boss Min; the Busan boss tells them to stop protecting Young Dal. Instead, we have a rather tender scene in which Yang Ha unties Jung Hee and is gentle with her, asking if she"s hurt. Still, I liked the fairytale ending in which the hero is happy, he has his girl, the bad guys have been driven out, and everything"s alright with the world. Young Dal"s friends bug the offices of Go and Hyun so they can monitor what"s going on there.
Our heroes find out through the bugs they planted in Manager Hyun"s office that Chairman Go intends to kill off Young Dal"s brothers. Chairman Go is dragged before Boss Min and Man Bong in the mistaken assumption he was behind the attempt on Young Dal"s life. As his client"s fate hangs in the balance, Elder Chang Mook"s attorney reveals that the elder"s stock in Daejung will go to Young Dal, giving him enough shares so that he can"t be fired.
Later, Young Dal and Jung Hee are on their way to meet each other, but Yang Ha pulls Jung Hee aside to talk.
I thought the look we saw when he got the call from Chairman Yoon was particularly telling. It was a bit sad as I felt the martial arts scenes were extraneous considering the orders to let the girl go.
If you read my last review, I laid out a plan about how this was going to go -- I was completely wrong. Chairman Go engineers having everyone close to Young Dal investigated, their papers confiscated.
The next day, he gets a call from Chairman Yoon, telling him that he has gotten rid of Chang Mook, and it is up to Yang Ha to get rid of Young Dal.
When Young Dal checks in with the former detective, he sees the picture of their dad on the altar inside Dong Soo"s apartment, which sparks something inside the young man.
Shin Hye has already suggested that he might be, but Dong Soo dismisses the possibility, which I thought was silly. Jung Hee invites Yang Ha to dinner -- we see a rare smile cross his face as he reads the text.
Yang Ha drinks with Yoo Jin, who finally sees in him the same man she fell in love with a decade ago.
I love this plan as it"s pretty well legal, well, except for the blackmail thing this episode. Shin Hye reveals to Dong Soo what her investigations have uncovered: Yang Ha is the youngest brother.

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