Today in our daily GTA 5 Online Tips & Cheats guide we decided to share with you a recently found glitch in the game. In order to transfer your vehicle from the single player campaign to the online Los Santos, you should first check your spawn location. In order for the GTA Online glitch to work, as the camera starts zooming out above the city, if you are on the Xbox 360 unplug the network cable from your console.
This should result in an error when the game store loads up, which will automatically transfer you to the single player mode of Grand Theft Auto.
While in the car, sign back to the PlayStation Network for the PS3 or plug your network cable back in, if you are playing on the Xbox 360.

If you have followed closely the steps we provided, you will spawn in GTA Online near the Los Santos Customs.
If you have played the single player Grand Theft Auto 5 and would like to transfer your car to the online version of Los Santos, there is a way to do just that. Once there you should go back to the vehicle you want to transfer to GTA Online and drive to the nearest Los Santos Customs with it.
If you want to learn the best legal ways to earn money, rank up fast, find the best strategy for you and more be sure to check out our daily GTA 5 Online Tips & Cheats guides here.
Although, this GTA Online glitch is working, the team at Gamer Headlines does not support such exploits and players who use this flaw in the game for their own advantage could be banned by Rockstar.

If you want to customize it, be sure to do so by switching to Franklin first, finding the vehicle and going to his Los Santos Customs at Sandy Shores to do just that. Once there, drive up to the door of the LSC and once it opens, drive your car only halfway through.

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