Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice, was in a signature black dress that beautifully swayed as she floated along the stage. The Spice Girls brought forth a memorable performance that left us hoping a world tour is in the near future.
Watched by almost a billion viewers across all five continents, the 2012 Olympic ceremonies were, for a few hours, the focal point of the world.
It looks to me like they are just lording their power over everyone and rubbing it in their faces about how they are controlled masses, and no one gets it.

The anticipated Olympic performance by the Spice Girls was as amazing as everyone had hoped. The British girl band sang their hits as if it were 1994 as they rode on top of black British taxi’s.
They are an exceptional chance for the host countries to showcase their greatness through a grandiose, elaborate and massive show. Lastly Geri Halliwell, Ginger Spice, showed off her figure in a red mini dress that showcased the British flag.

The 2012 London Olympics were no exception as England’s history, culture and accomplishments were thoroughly celebrated and applauded. And what I thought were just pyramids with the all-seeing eye in them, it would appear that they are Masonic symbols judging by this picture.

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