God will use this focused time of study to enrich our knowledge of His Word as we gain understanding of the state of His Church and our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Simulcast – led by Pastor David Platt – coming to Calvary Heights on April 24, 2015 from 7PM to 1AM (or much, much later)! All of our activities – including the Sunday worship celebration – are dress casual, so leave your suit and tie at home!!! The next Secret Church gathering will be simulcast from The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, on Friday, April 24, 2015. The culture around us is constantly changing, and successive changes are often accompanied by significant challenges. SC15 Registration Discount Expires Sunday, January 25.A  Early Registration pricing is discounted 20%. Bali 2014 – Jalan Kayu Aya a€?Laughing yourself silly is reason enough to see a€?Absurd Person Singular.a€? At The Two River Theater!
Within the four walls of any church building many people feel the need to put on a “church face.” They act differently, talk differently, and are generally more reserved and even uptight.
Retreats can offer team building exercises and activities to strengthen groups and individuals and help members bond.
For those outside the church, a retreat can be a more comfortable way to get involved than perhaps coming to service on a Sunday morning or joining a ministry group. Retreats can also offer a change of pace and perspective for those regularly involved in church service. Church growth is crucial in the life of any church, and taking church ministry beyond the four walls of the church building can help encourage church growth. Special thanks to Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center of the Christian Retreats Network for sponsoring this article. Sign up now to receive your free Retreat Planning Checklist!You will also receive fresh themes, games and ideas that will take your Christian event to the next level.

Sign up now to receive your free Retreat Planning Checklist!Our mission is to provide you with everything you need to host amazing events. The objective of Secret Church is for you to pass along what you learn to others, so that you can make disciples of Christ–both locally and globally. A church retreat can give an opportunity for people to relax, be more open, to be more themselves while maintaining a Christian atmosphere. Many times the people in specific groups (men, women, youth, single adults, couples retreat, etc.) are not well-acquainted and know each other only within the church. Specific ministries can benefit greatly through such activities by learning where the weak spots are and how they can overcome them.
Since it takes place outside the church, non-members can be more at ease and relaxed as they take part in activities and get to know people.
An invitation to a fun retreat is often more appealing than an invitation to a church service. For many, church becomes a routine in which meetings and classes are attended, duties are fulfilled, but hearts and minds are not fully engaged.
But if you desire to know God more deeply through His Word, and know His Church more fully around the world, then please join us for Secret Church. How does a Christian respond to the rapid rise of so-called same-sex marriage and the increasing acceptance of homosexuality? A church retreat is a great way to bridge the gap between church and the world outside the sanctuary doors. A retreat can help the individuals in those groups get to know each other through activities specifically designed to get them talking, sharing and working together. When they do visit a service, they are more comfortable since they have already become acquainted with some members. A retreat can be a great way to shake members out of “zombie mode” and into full attention and engagement.

Retreats can get members out of their comfort zones, attract those not regularly involved in church services and build the solid core groups that are necessary for church growth. How does a Christian live in a world of sex slavery and rampant pornography, a world where babies are aborted and widows are abandoned?
Many churches find growth difficult to attain, despite numerous activities and ministries within the church.
When ministry leaders and church core groups are strengthened, the church as a whole can benefit.
Guest speakers and leaders can offer new, fresh ministry ideas and team exercises can open up discussions about how best to meet specific needs.
How does a Christian think in a culture of pervasive racial prejudice and limited religious liberty? In those cases, it may be helpful to take those ministries and programs outside the church building. Operations run more smoothly and there is a spirit of unity within the church that reflects into the community beyond. What does a Christian do in a church that exalts prosperity amidst a world of extreme poverty? Church retreats are useful tools for uniting existing members and encouraging church growth. During this Secret Church, we will explore biblical foundations for answers to these questions and come to significant conclusions regarding how Christ calls every Christian to engage culture with a firm grip on the gospel in the church and a fervent passion for Goda€™s glory in the world.

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