Secret Church started after having seen the example of the house churches that meet in secret around the world.
Our prayer is that God will use this focused time of study and prayer to enrich our knowledge of His Word. About Our ChurchTrinity desires to pursue after and lift up the name of Jesus above all else.
Ottoman Empire rule was often tolerant, but I doubt whether this 17th century building could be anything besides a secret, underground Orthodox church.
Icons, such as this one of Jesus, are hallmarks of the OrthodoxChurch, religion of the Byzantine Empire, eastern portion of the Roman Empire. A forest of fresco paintings, some 2,000 scenes, occupy most chambers in the Church of the Nativity.

Though there will never be female priests, there actually are some married Catholic priests.
From Kabbalah to Scientology, celebrities have been devoting themselves to fads in religious practices for years.
We pray that we also would gain understanding of the state of His church and our brothers and sisters around the world who face many difficulties—and even persecution—as they follow Christ.
We’ll further learn how to effectively share the gospel to friends and neighbors who subscribe to these other beliefs.
Through our preaching, teaching, worship, and service, we want the gospel to go forward clearly, strengthening the believers and calling the lost to find life in the living God through Christ. We’ll become and equipped ourselves, and then pray for the God of the nations to move and work among his people!

Secondly, through some loopholes such as currently married priests and married priests of other faiths that switched to Catholicism, there already are some currently married Catholic priests.
But if you desire to know God more deeply through His Word and know His church more fully around the world, then please join us for Secret Church. 26, 2015News SubscriptionSubscribe to our newsletter in order to receive the latest new & articles.

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