Secret Cinema has concluded its longest run to date — nearly six weeks (Dec 7-Jan 22) — so it’s now safe that the secret is out.
Screen International provides a range of effective advertising opportunities both in print and online. Screen International is the leading film industry resource covering the international film markets.

We provide a whole-industry perspective from some of the most knowledgeable writers and data analysts in the business. Across print and online mediums, Screen International delivers analysis, opinion and commentary on the issues, people and products shaping the worldwide film industry. We will continue to challenge the film experience, pushing community at the heart of what we do.”Visitors were given online clues and information about their experience, and then immersed in scenes of recreated Vienna, including the International Zone with British, French, Russian and American zones.

Audiences — mostly adhering to an encouraged dress code — brought toys for the hospital and books and unwanted clothing that was traded in the Black Market (donations went to Save The Children).

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