No photos apart from my crew’s ID cards above, as none are allowed and that would spoil it anyway. TWITTER users reacted angrily today after the Secret Cinema revealed it would cost almost ?80 to attend their screenings of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Since its launch, the London-based experience has catapultedĀ Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackĀ into the Top 10 of the UK box office, 35 years after its first release in 1980. I’d advise going with friends rather than alone, getting dressed up and fully into the spirit of it rather than being an observer.

It was actually nice to go somewhere where people weren’t constantly either looking at their phones of snapping away rather than taking in the experience (even though one of the first things you want to do is take photos!). The indoor production will feature the work of commissioned artists from across Europe, who were invited by Secret Cinema to become part of the experience. When you buy tickets there’s a registration process to go through, do it and take note of the items they ask you to bring, you might need them. It opened officially to the public today and runs until September so there’s time but weekend tickets are selling out fast.

The quality of acting is first rate, with both fan-favourite and dreamed-up characters bringing the space to life.

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