The theme of the trailer, fittingly, is about how a brand new team is ready to answer the call. Further, it seems to confirm that hot-secretary-Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) is taken over by one of the supernatural forces, off on his motorbike to wreak havoc on the city.
Although adding a sub-headline might seem superfluous, especially so close to the movie’s release, it may be a last-ditch effort from Sony to tone down the hate for the movie. Whatever the case, we hope everyone answers the call on July 15, showing the leading ladies Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon some love. As a further incentive (if you need it), the movie also features cameos from original Ghostbusters stars Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver. Executively produced by Sam Catlin and starring Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun, Preacher is based on the DC Vertigo comic book series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Jesse Custer is a Reverent from the deep South, who is possessed by a supernatural entity known as Genesis. We can’t wait to see what Preacher has in store for us, but so far we can all agree it looks epic. Despite cancelling Agent Carter and ditching Most Wanted, ABC is moving forward with other Marvel Television properties.

As explained by ScreenRant, former ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee was let go due to several factors including the network’s low ratings, and behind-the-scenes management tensions. Lee was an advocate for serialized dramas, including Agent Carter, whereas Disney-ABC Television Group Chairman Ben Sherwood is looking to add more close-ended episodic procedurals. Of course Marvel also has an extensive deal with Netflix to explore the darker concept series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the upcoming projects Luke Cage, The Punisher, The Defenders, and Iron Fist. The question now is whether Marvel will look to tackle brand new characters and storylines, or try to develop shows based on fringe characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (*cough* Maria Hill).
A WITCH HUNTER TRACKS DOWN A MEMBER OF THE CIRCLE WITH A MESSAGE FOR BLACKWELL — Jake (Chris Zylka) gets a surprise visit from an old acquaintance named Samuel (guest star Chad Rook), a witch hunter, who has a message for Blackwell (guest star Joe Lando) about Eben’s (guest star Sammi Rotibi) surprising next move. In The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 18 "Sacrifice", Adam got grumpy, Diana got swindled, and those little snake demon things got raised from the dead! Though initially there were some conversations about pitching the series to ABC Family, those conversations have ended — again, because of budgetary concerns and an already full development slate at ABC Family. Showrunner Andrew Miller was hoping that season 1 would be available, but sadly it’ll only be immortalised on iTunes.
Jesse sets out to literally find God, joined by an Irish vampire named Cassidy (Gilgun) and his ex-girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga).

Cassie (Britt Robertson) intervenes, forces Samuel to reveal his news and is stunned to find out what Eben is trying to resurrect.
And how excited are you for The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 18 “Sacrifice”? We’ve seen the episode, and it is HOT!) But the bitchy witchy goodness doesn’t end on Thursday! Meanwhile, Diana (Shelley Hennig) is frustrated that keeping the secrets of who they are is building a barrier between her and Grant (guest star Tim Phillipps).
Check out the preview photos for The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 18 “Sacrifice”, and get pumped for next week too!
Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Melissa agree to help out Adam (Thomas Dekker) at the Boathouse and in return get him to help them use their magic to enhance their love life.
Considering how his last attempts have involved physics, bad witches, and a whole lotta fire, we can’t wait to see what he’s come up with this time!

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