Netflix is probably the widest and most accepted form of home video streaming that the world has become familiar with. Curry is averaging over 29 points per game, and its over 34 games deep into the National Basketball Association season. I should preface this post by mentioning that these codes are not real, but the results are highly entertaining. After revealing the best collection of 30+ hidden hacks, tips and tricks for iPod Touch 4G, here we are again. Your search for customizing the BlackBerry with Tweaks, Secret Codes and Hidden Keys is over! The following codes are typed in the message box and provide information about the user or the device.

There are "thousands of secret codes that will give users full access to everything on Netflix", Britain's The Independent reports. In this article, you will find many hidden and secret codes that can turn your Blackberry into a super-smartphone. She is a passionate Techno-enthusiast and Internet junkie who loves to write on Online Security, Social Networking (especially Facebook), Gadgets, Smartphones, Technology and SEO. They feature tasks like turning stop lights green, finding the sweet spot on a pool ball, and even translating your dog’s barks into English. To access the many hidden menus in your BlackBerry you must type special codes either at the status screen or in particular menus. Since it doesn’t do a full reset to factory settings you can use this whenever your BlackBerry stops responding or simply gets stuck.

Using the code 8195 will take you to the page with all of the B-Horror movies and 1252 will take you specially to Campy Horror movies.
All they do is unlock menus or show stats that most people don’t know about and that can be useful in various contexts.
But we bet most of you didn't know that Netflix has a hidden treasure trove of TV and movie categories, which allow you to venture deeper into Netflix-land than ever before.

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