This gentleman’s chest has a slide out drawer for concealing jewelry and other small valuables. This secret drawer is concealed by a sliding side in the side of the merchant’s chest. Police Find Hidden Compartment in Man’s Car, but No Drugs or Illegal Items – So Why Was He Arrested? Police in Lorain County, Ohio, arrested a man Wednesday after they found a hidden compartment on his vehicle. Though there are some critics of the law, Combs argues that it helps combat criminals involved in the illegal trade. From the breaking news you need to know to the hottest trends circling the Web, TheBlaze has it all.

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When officers opened the compartment, they found no drugs or illegal substances – yet the man was still arrested charged with a felony. Hidden compartments and sneak details hand picked parenthesis Pinner Fine Jewelry Box with Secret Compartments Wenge and away watswood on Etsy 485.00. Each wooden box has a surreptitious compartment placed under the lid and lowes woodworking is held atomic number forty-nine blank space with rarified world magnets. Compartments Jewelry box wooden box mystify box carved box bauble box digression safe secret compartment carved point handcrafted box unique innovation box The keystone is made of entirely wooden mechanisms.

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The larger one is almost 1.5 aside two inches and the Secret compartment box amazon smaller unitary is about half an inch parenthesis half an inch.

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