Eisenberg made a luxurious living off of his “fictitious disease,” thanks to pharmaceutical sales.
In the United States, 1 out of 10 boys among 10-year-olds takes medication for ADHD on a daily basis . American psychologist Lisa Cosgrove and others reveal the facts in their study “Financial Ties between DSM-IV Panel Members and the Pharmaceutical Industry.” They found that “of the 170 DSM panel members 95 (56 percent) had one or more financial associations with companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Marc-Andre Gagnon and Joel Lexchin, a long-time researcher of pharmaceutical promotion, performed a study which shows that the U.S.

The medical industry is using the guise of helping children to depersonalize and disconnect our children from a healthy, normal upbringing. He has been a leader in child psychiatry for more than 40 years through his work in pharmacological trials, research, teaching, and social policy and for his theories of autism and social medicine,” according to Psychiatric News. Parents are placing their children on these drugs and subjecting them to what the world has to offer, when in fact all these children are looking for is their parents in hopes of being the blessing that God intended them to be. That is almost twice as much money to push their drugs on people than the amount to research to make sure it they’re safe!

I killed him with his own drugs while he was unconscious and they ruled it an overdose."The confession turned out to be a hoax.

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