Confusing, mysterious and interesting are just some of the words used to describe the Curl Secret, Conair’s newest advancement in professional hair styling hot tools. Hot Tools, which is a brand that many professional hairdressers turn to, offers everything needed for gorgeous holiday hairstyles.
Hair Styling – The Ornament Of Beauty Hair is considered one of the beauty items since ancient times. From springy ringlets to soft waves, there’s never been a greater choice of tools to help you get the curls of your dreams or just change your look for a night out. I was weighing up whether I would like the new GHD Oval Curling want as seen on on TV on Fashion Bloggers, or this beauty. I used the Curl Secret half way down the hair because that is where I want the curl to start – hold the open ended side towards the head.
It is recommended to start with the lowest temperature setting and increase the level of heat as required. The Timer settings  are great create either bigger curls, or waves use the 8 or 10 second timer, and for tighter curls or spirals use the 10 or 12 second setting.
Should you hold the hair in the Styler longer than is required, it will simply stop and beep. Should you have taken too much hair, or hair is not going through the centre of the Styler, the Curl Secret will stop and emit a series of fast beeps. Fashionista in Suburbia recently posted…Product Review – Vidal Sassoon Curl Secret is making waves! We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly.
I bought the VS curler for convenience however, I have long hair and I found it would get tangled into the curler. Can curl all my hair in under 30min and it lasts ages without the need for any product apart from a heat protector before I curl and I use that for all my heat styling. My hair gets sucked in, curls around inside for the maximum length of time and when it beeps I pull the curl secret away and the most I have is a slight wave, nothing even remotely close to a curl, in fact my hair looks barely different. So disappointed, not worth the almost 12 month wait to use it, a total waste of money for my husband, a waste of a Christmas present for me. After seeing some good reviews online, and knowing my total lack of experience using curling irons, I decided to give this a go, and I was excited! For last 3 years I have had to curl my daughters hair (only 5yo now) for dancing concerts and struggled with the curling wand. I could never curl my hair with a GHD, this curl secret is the best curler I have ever used! The curler takes hair in but after its done following 12 sec im getting a long continues beep that does not stop inless i turn it off ie it stops working.

Hi Sofia when the curler is finished it will give you fast beeps but then it should stop,there must be a problem with your curler. Review: I had so much fun with the VS Sassoon Curl Secret creating the perfect curls quickly and easily. It can only grab a small section of hair at a time, meaning the curls or waves are smaller. Because of the above point, if you have long thick hair like me, it will take you a while to do your whole head. Welcome to Lady Melbourne!Within you’ll find Lady Melbourne's hometown perspective on fashion, beauty and stylish lifestyle needs, with an ever-present eye on the most tasteful aspects of a fashionable world. Join LM as she takes you to fashion weeks, analyses couture, travels to stylish locations, shares fashion shopping tips and discovers the best beauty and fashion lifestyle products on the market. Who is Lady Melbourne?As Editor of Melbourne based fashion site ‘Lady Melbourne', Phoebe Montague’s fashion commentary and style have earned her a reputation as one of Australia’s key fashion bloggers. Founded in 2007, Lady Melbourne has grown to include a social media reach of over 50K unique and organically accumulated likes, fans and followers across platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser.
Featuring revolutionary new patented technology, this breathtakingly innovative styler is unbelievably simple and quick to use, creating beautiful results in no time. I can see it working for me on day old dirty hair, it is super quick and the curl holds amazingly well. I curled my hair at 6am and still had curls at 10pm although some had dropped as i have long heavy hair it was still all noticeably curly. My hair didn't catch once but I made sure to smooth each section with a comb before I put it in the curler.
I was actually heavily pregnant at the time so even though I was super excited to receive the curl secret (had asked for it for my birthday a few months before) it has sat unused in my cupboard this entire year. I have done everything precisely as the instructions advised, had no issues with my hair catching or any of the other situations that would suggest I am using it incorrectly.
I have tried various combinations of settings, have tried various sections of my hair and various amounts of hair, not a single curl. I see everyone raving about it and can only assume that either mine is broken or they just do not work in certain types of hair? Within minutes of taking it out of the box I realised this was an expensive decision that I would regret- it's bulky and awkward to use if you want the curls to start closer to your head rather than below your chin.
After 20 minutes I gave up, with only 3 tiny sections of curls and a heap of damaged hair- this contraption is destined for the back of my wardrobe, I think I'll stick with my naturally straight hair from now on.
Got it today as on another round of concerts and this was very time consuming part of getting ready.
The Curl Secret works well on a variety of hair types from thin to coarse hair, short and long, zipping into the curl shaft to create perfect curls.  This is the most exciting product in hair this year!

After working in the United States for a number of years, Brad returned to Australia in 2004 and worked at several high calibre Sydney salons before opening booth st.
I found that the end result was different to what you’ll get with a GHD or a ceramic wand, but the curling action works in a different way.
There is no skill involved whatsoever, just clamp it onto a chunk of hair, it gets sucked up inside and a few seconds later, comes out in a perfect, lasting curl.
Factors such has hair length and texture are part of how well this will or will not work for you. Basically a section of hair is automatically rolled or curled into a heated barrel once placed correctly on the device, initiating the curling process. I have a Christmas Party to attend on Friday and knew this was my chance to have some fab hair (after it spending most of this year in a sweaty pony tail). You turn it off at the wall then gently pull your hair out of it and rotate, if you do this your will not get burnt or have to chop your hair out. I have naturally wavy frizzy hair, this leaves my hair frizz free with beautiful curls, love it!! Brad also began styling for fashion and beauty publications including Marie Claire, Madison, Helmut and Cosmopolitan and continues to work with many iconic titles. Perhaps the heat prevention products I had sprayed in my hair but this made me nervous about the temperature which was on its lowest setting. I will be spruking this to everyone I know and perhaps some strangers too :p Every female with medium to long hair should have this.
In addition to his published work, Brad has worked extensively in television – Australia's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, Australian Idol, Ten Years Younger in Ten Days and the Morning Show. I am the laziest person and never do anything with my hair but this is so easy I am already addicted. Brad describes his experience of working with VS Sassoon on the launch of the Curl Secret™ as -inspiring'. Plus it creates so many different curls and styles delivering a professional look each time by eliminating common at-home styling mistakes such as fish hooks and uneven curls. Start by adjusting the heat settings to suit your hair (higher for thick hair, lower for finer hair) then choose from the timer settings to get the curl style you need.

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