When it comes to creating a felt story board, you will want to find a pattern to print out. Columbus-based L Brands will cut 200 jobs at its lingerie brand as the company undergoes structural reorganization.
The company announced on Thursday 200 jobs will be eliminated between offices in Columbus and New York City. The move is part of an effort to streamline the multi-billion dollar company after coming off a record year for profits in 2015.

This comes just months after L Brands announced in February Victoria’s Secret CEO and president Sharen Turney was resigning from her post.
Business owners around Columbus are evaluating their workforce and trying to determine exactly how, and if, new policy changes regarding overtime may impact them.
While the temperatures have been down recently, another sure sign that summer is approaching arrives this weekend. Newark police have charged a woman for causing a fiery crash while allegedly driving drunk.

CBS unveiled its 2016-2017 primetime lineup, featuring three new comedies, five new dramas and 21 returning series. I love sharing crafts, play ideas, recipes, reviews, and activities that help parents have fun with their kids.

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