In her youth, Talia travelled the world with her father learning and adapting his intellect and skills which she proves to be more competent than any of Ghul's other children.
When Robin (Dick Grayson) is kidnapped, Ra's al Ghul enters the Batcave, revealing to Batman that he knows Batman's secret identity and claims that Talia was also kidnapped along with Dick. After Jason Todd's death at the hands of the Joker, Batman brought his body back to Gotham and buried him with the rest of the Wayne Family. Seeing no other way to help him, Talia takes Jason down to the Lazarus Pit and throws his body in while her father regenerates himself. Livid at the fact that the Joker was still alive and that Batman had done nothing more than imprison him again, Jason pursues his own brand of justice.
Talia enters a brief alliance with Bane, "The Man Who Broke the Bat," whom Ra's has also considered might be suitable as an heir. Talia, disillusioned with her father and his plans, leaves him to run LexCorp for Lex Luthor when Luthor becomes President of the United States.
During his travels in Russia in the 18th century, Ra's al Ghul met a woman by whom he had a daughter named Nyssa. While Batman is successful in preventing the assassination of Superman, he is unable to stop Nyssa from killing Ra's.
Talia is revealed to be one of the core members of the third Secret Society of Super Villains (along with Lex Luthor (secretly Alexander Luthor, Jr. This is revealed to be part of one of Nyssa's plans to take over the planet and bring about world peace and equality. Nyssa fails to recruit Batgirl to her new League of Assassins, and the Society fails to achieve its goals. After Nyssa's apparent death at the hands of Cassandra Cain (who usurps control of The League of Assassins), Talia becomes the new Demon's Head.
Batman's son, from Son of the Demon is reintroduced to continuity in the story Batman & Son, written by Grant Morrison.
Damian survived the explosion, and severely injured has to undergo a transplant of all his major organs. Talia is prompted to read the history of Ra's al Ghul to Batman's son Damian by a mysterious figure from Ra's past: the White Ghost.
Following Batman's apparent death (It was later revealed Batman survived the crash only to be captured by Darkseid and apparently killed by the New God during the Final Crisis storyline), Talia leaves Damian in the hands of his adopted brother Dick Grayson.
It is revealed that in Gotham CIty Sirens #2 that Talia had trained Catwoman to never reveal Bruce Wayne's secret identity even under the most intense psychological coercion.
Following an operation in which most of Damian's internal organs and bones are replaced, it is revealed that Talia inserted an implant into Damian's spine that allows her or anyone she chooses (in this case the assassin Deathstroke) to remotely control her son's body. Talia's recent role has become more antagonistic towards Batman while her son has begun to side more with Batman, an unusual development as she and Damian now parallel Talia's devotion to Batman while defying her father, though Talia appears to be less forgiving to Damian than Ra's was to her. Talia has now formed the Leviathan, a shadowy organization meant to counter Bruce's "Batman Incorporated" project. Son of the Demon: Ra's al Ghul successfully enlists Batman's aid in defeating a rogue assassin who had murdered his wife.
Talia appears in the Young Justice animated TV show spin-off comic series, aiding her father and Ubu in an attack on Ferris Aircraft.
Teresa Palmer was to portray Talia al Ghul in Justice League: Mortal as one of the film's main antagonists. Talia makes an appearance in the video game Batman: Dark Tomorrow as one of the main characters.
There is a Gone With The Wind scene where Gable plays affectionately with his fictional daughter.
Her parenthood was an open secret in Hollywood but Lewis's friends had been instructed not to tell her.It wasn't until Judy's wedding that her groom Joseph Tinney finally told her that Gable was her father.
She was born in Venice, California, and went on to perform on Broadway and TV in her own career.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Elijah Blake Gives 7 Tips How NOT To Act Around A Celeb, Plus Talks New EP, His First Big Check & More! She excels to the point in managing his criminal and legitimate operations, that she is eventually appointed as Ghul's primary secondary despite the fact that Ghul considers women to be inherently inferior to men. Batman then goes with Ra's to search for Dick and Talia; it is revealed that the kidnapping was a setup designed by Ra's as a final test of whether or not Batman is suitable as an heir. However, several years later, during The Infinite Crisis, Superboy Prime trying to change reality, resurrects Jason with a reality-altering punch.

Talia agrees to finance Jason and aid him in his training, so that he can become the second Red Hood.
However, after a short time, she rejects Bane, though her father still wants her to marry the musclebound assassin.
Although she seemingly supports Luthor, she secretly works to undermine him, anonymously leaking news of his underhanded dealings to Superman. Ra's abandons Nyssa at a crucial time: she is tortured, and her entire family is killed in a concentration camp during the Holocaust.
This, in turn, is actually part of a greater plan concocted by Ra's, who wanted to ensure that his daughters would accept their destinies as his heirs, and take up his genocidal campaign.
Nyssa explains why she and Talia are working with the villains of the Society to Batgirl (Cassandra Cain).
However, the League of Assassins has apparently splintered and Cassandra Cain has gained partial control.
However, in this version, the child (called Damian) was not abandoned or retrieved from his adoptive parents, instead he was partially raised by The League of Assassins.
Once Dick becomes the new Batman, Damian is selected by Grayson to succeed Tim Drake as Robin.
She intends to have Deathstroke use Damian to kill Dick Grayson, who she sees as holding back her son's potential, though this fails when Grayson utilizes the implant's two-way connection to electrocute Deathstroke. In several alternate reality versions such as the graphic novel Batman: Birth of the Demon (1992) explains how Ra's al Ghul met her mother, who was of mixed Chinese and Arab descent, at the Woodstock Festival. Later on in the series, it is revealed that in this reality she turned Matt Hagen into Clayface. When Ra's al Ghul flashbacks to Jason Todd's resurrection in the Lazarus Pit Talia is seen next to him. She briefly cameos in the dialogue during the game's introduction, and then reappears again in some of the final missions and cutscenes, since Ra's al Ghul is featured as the main villain. She brought her into public view at 19 months, saying she was her adopted child.Terrified her secret would come out, Young did all she could to cover up clues about her daughter's origins. Lewis also produced the soap opera a€?Texas,a€™ a spinoff of a€?Another World.a€™ In the 1980s, she earned psychology degrees, advocating for children's rights and counselling teenagers. However Mr Maltin said the truth was never truly public until the memoir, in which Lewis describes her mother telling her the truth in 1966.'Well, he was your father. Ghul is supportive of his daughter though has commented that if possible, he would correct "that sole failing" in his child suggesting that he fears any possible distortion of her through chemical or biological modifications despite his aversion to her as a woman. It is eventually revealed that the League is just one part of Ra's al Ghul's organization, The Demon, and that Darrk apparently turned against Ra's after failing in a mission (the usual punishment for this being death). Over the years however Talia has proven an important 'ally' in her way; most prominently, she encourages Batman to return to Gotham City when it is declared a "No Man's Land" following an earthquake, and he has lost his fighting spirit and didn't believe he could save Gotham. Although Jason is returned to life, his body and mind are still broken from the Joker's attack. Immediately afterward, in order to spare Jason her father's wrath, she aids the boy's escape. When the time comes for Luthor's downfall, she sells all of LexCorp's assets to the Wayne Foundation, leaving Luthor penniless and his crimes exposed to all.
Seeking vengeance, Nyssa plans to use her considerable wealth and resources to kill Ra's by befriending, kidnapping, and brainwashing Talia, turning her into a weapon to kill their father.
Talia mainly acts as a recruiter in the Society and is charged with bringing in new members.
His mother gives him back to Batman, as part of a grand scheme involving ninja man-bats and the kidnapping of the British Prime Minister's wife.
Mother and son arrive at Wayne Manor just in time to save Commissioner Gordon from one of the Black Glove's deathtraps that had claimed another officer's life. During Final Crisis, she is placed in the new Society's inner circle by Libra, though despite Talia's role in the Society she still behaves almost devotedly to Batman.
After Grayson frees Damian of her control Talia reveals that she has begun cloning her son upon realizing that Damian has completely sided with his father.
Her loyal clone of Damian, known as The Heretic, stabs Damian through the chest and delivers the killing stroke to her son.
The only clue to the child's heritage is a jewel-encrusted necklace given to Talia which Talia leaves with the child.
It is referenced in three Elseworlds storylines: Kingdom Come, its sequel The Kingdom, and Brotherhood of the Bat feature two alternate versions of the child as an adult, coming to terms with his dual heritage. In "The Knights of Tomorrow!" (which is a book written by Alfred), Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is Bruce's wife and Damian's mother instead of Talia.

Hagen is portrayed as a low-level member of the League of Shadows attempting to seduce Talia to gain access to a Lazarus Pit to cure his cancer.
When Jason wakes up inside the Lazarus Pit he tries to escape and Talia attempts to shoot him; however, Ra's wants Jason alive and stops Talia from killing him. It protected her stardom and her image as a wholesome young woman.a€™In 1940, Young married Thomas Lewis, and Judy Lewis took his surname - but she was never formally adopted by her stepfather.
Everyone knew who my parents were, even my closest friends, but no one dared tell me.'It wasn't until the night before I was to get married that my future husband told me who my father was. She later became a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, something she pursued until her illness. Sweet and very gentle.a€?He was married, so when I discovered I was pregnant with you, I was frantic and terrified. Some time later, he is discovered by the League of Assassins and is taken in by Talia and Ra's Al Ghul. To this end, she captured Talia and, using a Lazarus Pit, killed and resurrected her in rapid succession, leaving Talia virtually broken from the trauma of dying again and again in so short a time. Batman is unsure whether this is his son, but he attempts to deal with the spoiled, hot-tempered child anyway. After the escape, Batman confronts the White Ghost; he fights Batman, but accidentally ends up falling into a Lazarus Pit.
She is too much of a perfectionist to forgive her son for defying her like this, and tells Damian he is no longer welcome in the House of al Ghul. This version is contrast to the early history listed in Batman: Son of the Demon (1987), which states that Talia's mother was named Melisande and was murdered by a former servant of Ra's named Qayin. In "Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above Earth!", she is now shown harboring a crush on Batman and saves him after Ra's orders his execution. Upon learning she was being used, Talia allowed Hagen to use a Lazarus Pit, only to trap him inside it for several months, mutating him into Clayface.
I had told him my suspicions about my mother being my real mother and that I didn't know who my father was. In 1994, she wrote a€?Uncommon Knowledge,a€™ acknowledging her parentage publicly for the first time.a€?The situation in which they found themselves in 1935 would not have posed such a problem in the Hollywood of today,a€™ Lewis wrote in the book.
It would have ruined both our careers, a scandal like that.a€™Young, one of Hollywood's most glamorous screen goddesses of the Thirties and Forties, died in 2000 aged 87. This icon has strong significance while you do not have to create the whole correspondence of Love. Jason spends months in their care, and although his body recuperates, his mind is shattered. Rendered apathetic by her time in the camp, unable to feel anything, Nyssa also plans to assassinate Superman with kryptonite bullets she stole from the Batcave, hoping that, by uniting the world in one moment of tragedy, she would manage to rouse herself once more. Damian, effectively raised to be an assassin, kills a costumed villain known as The Spook and nearly kills Tim Drake, the newest Robin.
Unfortunately, they are too late and arrive on the scene of Batman's apparent death, learning from Robin that Batman went missing and may be dead after fighting Doctor Hurt after Batman crashes Hurt's helicopter. Enraged at his daughter's betrayal, Ra's al Ghul ties Talia and Batman to a rocket aimed at the sun, but they are rescued by the intervention of the Justice Society of America and the Justice League International.
Gable died in 1960 aged 59.Lewis, a psychotherapist and actress, of Palm Springs, California, died in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, on Friday.
In issue #6 she duels with Scandal Savage (who she sees as an equal because of their fathers)during the Society's assault on the Secret Six, and despite having less protective gear and uses only a sword while Scandal wields her Lamentation Blades, Talia gains the upper hand and has Scandal in a death strike until she knocked unconscious by Scandal's mole in the Society and her lover, Knockout. Shortly afterwards, father and son confront each other on a ship which is destroyed by a torpedo. Furious that Batman may be dead, Talia sends her assassins injected with the Man-Bat formula to murder Jezebel Jet (who played a major role in Batman's death), which they accomplish. She presumably escapes after Ra's al Ghul is presumably killed during his fight with Batman. Tattoo as one of an art form is well known and this art makes other terminology like China Chinese symbol tattoos.

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