Newly exposed text of Trade in Services Agreement raises alarm of analystsbySarah Lazare, staff writer"Given the raging domestic debate over net neutrality, the growing demands for more data privacy and the constantly changing technology, a pact negotiated in secret that is not subject to changes absent consensus of all signatories seems like a very bad place to be setting U.S.
The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), under discussion between a 50-country subset of  World Trade Organization members for nearly two years, is so secretive that its talks aren't even announced to the public, making it even more shadowy than the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Kept in the dark about the deal, the global public will be hugely impacted by its provisions.
All that is publicly known about the content of the TISA pact was exposed through leaks, the first of which was published by Wikileaks in June and revealed that negotiators aim to further deregulate global financial markets. TISA's text on "E-Commerce, Technology Transfer, Cross-border Data Flows and Net Neutrality," proposed by the U.S.
The alarm raised by Public Citizen follows previous criticisms, including from the Global Trade in Services Forum, a gathering of more than 140 representatives from unions, civil society organizations, and governments, which took place in Geneva in October. Zee Media BureauPatna: The friendship between Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and Janata Dal (United) chief Nitish Kumar is often dubbed as the one grown out of necessity. The duo, along with Congress, formed ‘Grand Alliance’, ahead of 2015 Bihar Assembly Elections to take on Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party. According to a report in The Asian Age, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has committed heavily to Lalu to secure the Grand Secular Alliance under his leadership in the Assembly polls. If the mahagathbandhan wins, Kumar has agreed to induct two deputy chief ministers in his Cabinet - one of Lalu Yadav’s sons and other a Muslim face. Notably, Lalu Prasad's prestige is at stake as his sons -- Tej Pratap Yadav and Tejaswi Yadav -- are in the fray. In the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, most of Bihar had voted overwhelmingly for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party. Buy gold and silver coins and bars for delivery and storage has advocated a leading financial adviser in Ireland.
OPEC leader Saudi Arabia signaled on Wednesday it was unlikely to push for a major change in oil output at the producer group's meeting this week, a day after Russia refused to cooperate in any production cut. Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh said some OPEC members, although not Iran itself, were gearing up for a battle over market share and insisted that non-OPEC producers needed to participate in any OPEC-led output cut.
Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. You know China is loving this oil war because they're buying it up by the super-tanker loads just like they are the gold. So even though the Saudi's are fucking scumbags well so are all these sociopath, treasonous fucks in D.C. I suspect that it's mother nature and cold hard facts at the well heads driving any cuts, and not demand destruction or price discovery or mutually agreements.
Yer average Saudi might hate their Govt with a passion, but like the Vietnamese, they WILL DEFEND THEIR HOMELAND! While our consumption has dropped from around 21 million barrels a day since 2008 to now about 17 Million Barrels a Day, Courtesy of a crappy economy and near 100 MILLION working age adults not in the workforce we still import oil, gasoline, diesel, and all other types of petroleum based product to the tune of 5-6 MILLION BARRELS A DAY! I honestly thought, contrary to ZH, that gas was dropping for an election, and that it would come soaring back up. Anybody organizing social protests in Saudi Arabia will be labeled terrorists and droned by the US military. Then when their locals blow up the fucking Oil Wells and pipelines, and since the USA runs a DEFICIT of production as we burn more Oil than we can possibly extract, then what will that do to the price of Oil? Yeah fuck those guys because they are tired of being fucked in the ass by a big Red, White, and Blue, Star Spangled DICK. You don't think that those "worthless pieces of paper" IOUs haven't been converted into hard assets by the House of Saud (#1 Terrorist sponsoring State) over the last few decades? Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi (R) gestures next to his Omani counterpart Yusuf bin Alawi during a joint news conference in Tehran, Feb. Summary⎙ YAZDIR Irana€™s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei authorized direct talks with the United States on the nuclear issue as early as 2011, but real progress was not made until Hassan Rouhani, unaware of the talks, came into office in August 2013, US and Iranian officials say.
That is among the revelations that have emerged from interviews with senior Iranian and US officials in the wake of reaching of a final Iran nuclear accord by Iran and six world powers on July 14.
The new insights offer deeper perspective on the critical role that the US-Iran diplomacy played in reaching the nuclear deal.
But even after Khamenei consented to direct US-Iran negotiations on the nuclear issue in 2011, it took almost a year before a preparatory meeting occurred, mostly due to divisions within the Iranian side, Salehi told Iran Daily. In March 2013, shortly after Obama’s re-election, a more significant, three-day US-Iran meeting was held in Oman. At the March 2013 Oman meeting, then-Deputy Secretary of State William Burns conveyed a message from Obama that he would be prepared to accept a limited domestic enrichment program in Iran as part of an otherwise acceptable final Iran nuclear deal, Al-Monitor reported in July 2014. The Oman channel was about seeing if the United States and Iran could reach an understanding on the enrichment issue to advance a nuclear accord, Philip Gordon, the former top Obama White House Middle East official, said. Progress was rapid after Rouhani came into office and put Zarif in charge of the nuclear negotiating team. In all, there were about nine or 10 secret US-Iran bilateral meetings over the nine months between the March 2013 Oman meeting and the reaching of the interim Iran nuclear deal in November 2013, a former US official estimated.

Final deal talks between Iran and the P5+1 got underway in Vienna in early 2014, but stalled by the end of last year, when a seven-month extension was announced.
Salehi, now the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), said Ali Larijani, the Iran parliament speaker and a former Iranian nuclear negotiator, proposed that he join the talks, because, Salehi said, he was perceived to be opposed to some positions needed to strike agreement.
Salehi and Moniz joined Secretary of State John Kerry and Zarif for the first time at bilateral nuclear negotiations held at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva in February 2015, and rapid progress was made on some of the most difficult technical matters, including the size of Iran’s enrichment capacity in a final deal.
Salehi subsequently, however, became quite ill and underwent surgery, and he missed a bilateral meeting between Kerry, Zarif and Moniz in Geneva in May.
When Khamenei gave the green light for direct talks with the United States, Salehi said he could not at first believe it, said Ali Vaez, senior Iran analyst at the International Crisis Group. Salehi, in his comments last week, credited Rouhani for advocating the talks with the United States — even as he made clear that he was an even earlier advocate for the same at a time when the political environment in Iran was less receptive. After the deal was reached overnight July 14 in Vienna, officials involved in the secret back channel diplomacy for the past two years reached out to each other, sending notes to their counterparts on the accomplishment, sources told Al-Monitor. Meanwhile, next month, both Obama and Rouhani are scheduled to address the opening session of the UN General Assembly in New York on the same day, Sept. President Obama has been widely criticized, mostly by liberals, for pushing for the free trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Packed with 2,000 pages separated into 30 chapters, the full text is expected to be dissected by Congress with an "intent to sign" message attached. There's no 100 percent certainty that the bill will pass and make it to Obama's desk, but it appears it is moving in that direction.
Robert SobelOrlando Liberal ExaminerRobert Sobel is an avid political junkie and full time writer. Overtime pay law changes for 4.2 million American workersIf you work overtime and earn less than $47,476 a year ($913 a week), you can look forward to an increase in your paycheck. Seattle IRS agent sentenced to prison for taking bribe from marijuana dispensaryAn IRS agent is currently facing a two-and-a-half year prison sentence for taking a $20,000 bribe from a Seattle medical marijuana dispensary owner.
Not too far from Wynard station in Sydney's CBD, this secret hotel deal knocks nearly $100 off the regular Radisson Plaza room rate (depending on your night of stay). Blacklisted News is an independent platform for critical coverage of world news and beyond. Whether you're a media buyer or an individual, we have simple cost-effective web banner advertising rates and packages. The 1980s debt crisis erupted when Mexico announced in 1982 that it could no longer service its debts to Western, and primarily American, banks. Then, following the 1979 oil shocks, the Federal Reserve in the United States decided to dramatically increase interest rates. Though official sessions of the meeting were closed to the press, in briefings afterward the bankers warned that some developing nations were having increasing difficulty paying interest on their debts to the big banks – and that although the situation had not yet reached crisis proportions, they were wary of what was to come. Meanwhile, the most popular person at the conference that year was a specially-invited guest named Milton Friedman, the University of Chicago economist known for his promotion of neoliberal economic orthodoxy. It was the very same interest rate hikes that led to highly-indebted poor countries finding themselves unable to pay the increased interest on their loans – which pushed them into bankruptcy and the need for bailouts. In the absence of Regan, the responsibility of explaining official American economic policies fell to Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, himself a former official at Chase Manhattan where he had worked for David Rockefeller. In the next installment of this series investigating the International Monetary Conference, I examine the role of the IMC throughout the 1980s debt crisis and its position as an important, influential forum that helped to articulate and definitively shape consensus around neoliberal Western economic policy.
John Thomas North (pictured), originally a Yorkshire mechanic, became a friend of the future King George V and was worth $10 million in 1889? King George V of the United Kingdom was a member of the Society for the Prevention of Calling Sleeping Car Porters "George"? 19 crewmen of the Russian oceanliner SS Czar received the Silver Sea Gallantry Medal from King George V of the United Kingdom for rescuing 102 survivors from a burning ship in October 1913? Louis, International Campaigns Director for Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, told Common Dreams. Trade Representative in April, was published early Wednesday morning by Associated Whistleblowing Press, a non-profit organization with local platforms in Iceland and Spain.
He is not only trying to revive his party’s fortunes in the polls but also making way for his son’s political career. One of the sons of the RJD chief and one Muslim leader from the party will be deputy chief ministers,” the daily quoted sources in the RJD as saying. With oil prices holding at 4-year lows, heavily pressuring around half of US shale production economics, the "secret" US deal (see here and here) with Saudi Arabia to crush Russia via oil over-supply in a slumping demand world appears to be backfiring rapidly for John Kerry and his strategery team. All the experts in the market believe we have oversupply in the market and next year we will have more oversupply," he added.
Until I see our "leaders" stop holding hands(Bush) or bowing(Obama), I'll contunue to believe that the U.S. It is a delicate balancing act to be able to reduce price and have volume increase enough so that the revenues remain unchanged or riise. I said to that honorable intermediary that we do not trust the Americans and their statements.

In July 2012, a preliminary meeting was held in Oman, which was attended on the US side by Jake Sullivan, deputy chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Puneet Talwar, the National Security Council's senior director for the Persian Gulf at the time. Zarif in turn tapped Iranian Deputy Foreign Ministers Abbas Araghchi and Majid Ravanchi to pursue the bilateral negotiations with the United States. One early issue they had to resolve was whether to try to do the whole thing at once or reach an interim accord and then pursue a final deal, as they ultimately decided. Salehi said he would only agree to join the talks if his US counterpart, US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, came, or else said he would resign as AEOI chief and come as Zarif’s science adviser. Iran agreed to reduce the number of centrifuges it uses to enrich uranium to 5,000 IR-1s for a decade and to reduce its stockpile of low-enriched uranium to just 300 kilograms (661 pounds) for 15 years, among other steps. Exactly one month after the deal was completed, the White House has now released the full text of the once secret agreement.
As part of what is known as "fast track," Congress will have time to breakdown the deal over the deal 90 days where Obama is hopeful to sign the deal into law.
Sandy Levin, ranking member Ways and Means Committee, said that the committee's Democratic members would hold multiple hearings that will be “zeroing in on those issues that are of particular importance or concern to us and our fellow Democratic colleagues." Those hearings are set to begin on Nov 16. If the president is able to convince the majority of his party to come on board, the United States will be participating in one of the largest trade deals in history.
Decked out in some pretty stylish garb, all rooms come with upscale amenities, including separate shower and bath, air conditioning, and bathrobes. We don't shy away from controversy, and will publish anything that interests us and matches our focus for the site. In part 2 of the series, I look at the role of the IMC in the lead-up to the 1980s debt crisis. This resulted in a crisis that quickly spread across Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia.
The IMC, which is presided over by a 15-member board that decides who gets invited to the yearly meetings, admits banks based upon their size and the scope of their international operations. As the New York Times noted, “It seemed that just about everyone wanted to sit at Mr. Capable of withstanding considerably lower prices for longer, Saudi Arabia's oil minister Ali al-Naimi proclaimed "no one should cut production and the market will stabilize itself," adding rather ominously (for the US economy and HY default rates), "Why should Saudi Arabia cut? It is equally difficult to cut production to where price continues to rise without further cuts - ie volume is below the minimum essential demand. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and some pro-Israel lobby groups are pressing members of Congress to kill the deal by voting next month on a resolution of disapproval that seeks to block President Barack Obama from providing the US sanctions relief promised in the accord in exchange for significant steps Iran agreed to take to limit its nuclear program.
But the preparatory discussions subsequently paused for several months for the 2012 US presidential elections. But US negotiator Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman quickly agreed to the proposal to include Moniz and Salehi in the talks, Salehi said Araghchi told him.
Rouhani, speaking in New York last September, said he and Obama had agreed in their historic 2013 telephone call that in the future, the United States and Iran might cooperate in other areas, but first they needed to reach a nuclear deal.
5 in Atlanta, and was signed on by 12 different countries; The United States, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, and Canada. The biggest criticism of Obama in regards to the deal has come from labor unions and workers who worry that the deal will slow job growth in the states, by promoting outsourcing to other countries. Ignoring police instructions, Barry mistakenly thought his fervor and machete were a match for cop bullets.
The oil price rises of the 1970s had led to a surge in revenues for oil-producing nations, which had invested their surplus oil wealth in Western banks that then lent the money to poor, developing nations requiring oil in order to finance their industrialization. Submit your article contributions and participate in the world's largest independent online news community today!
It is not like that we haven't been fucking them for the past FORTY YEARS, trading them worthless Paper Promises for their Oil. Obama has vowed to veto any such resolution, and Democrats currently believe they have enough support to sustain his veto, if required. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the Obama administration released the information to the public on Nov. The Obama administration has attempted to cool the criticism from big labor and environmental groups, assuring them that the deal will only encourage domestic job growth. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, is supportive of the deal, offering a rare time where Republicans and the president see eye-to-eye.
Of course it is because of that, and only that, that we have been able to claim the World Reserve Currency status, and lived at a higher standard of living than would have been possible after the DEFAULT of Bretton Woods. If the proposed TISA terms on free data movement were to become binding on the United States, such needed progress would be foreclosed.

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