Design and FeaturesVW has consciously refrained from making the Indian spec Polo resemble its European counterpart. The petrol and diesel powered Polo are both offered in three variants for buyers to choose from namely Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. Driving abilities and comfortTraditionally European cars are known to set benchmarks for rivals in terms of ride and handling characteristics.
Like all front wheel drive cars the Polo too understeers at the limit but in a predictable fashion. Honda are one of the World's leading manufacturers of Motorcycles, Power Products, ATVs, Marine and Lawn & Garden Equipment.
It's no secret that currently India is one of the two emerging car markets globally with the hatchback segment constituting around 70% of it.

The car sold here does not feature the smoked headlamps or the ORVM integrated indicators of the European model. The India spec hatchback gets a Scirocco inspired front end with big, wide headlamps and fog lamps.
It enjoys fierce completion in the form of Hyundai i20, Skoda Fabia, Tata Indica Vista, Fiat Punto, Suzuki Swift and the recently launched Ford Figo.
The car sports a chunky and muscular look owing to its wide, low stance and flared wheel arches. It also sports Apollo Accelere rubber all round which aids its driving dynamics owing to the high grip on offer. Volkswagen has priced both the Polo variants around the price band of its competitors though its higher than that of the Figo and Drande Punto.

That’s arms this hatchback with a good power to weight ratio which translates into adequate performance on road.
VW can claim to justify the high price tag by virtue of the great build quality and top notch German Engineering on offer. Given its on-road enthusiasm with respect to changing directions the Polo can be tagged as a driver’s car. The manufacturer has high hopes from the Polo and its goal of gaining a 10% market share by 2015 rests squarely on it.

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