Der franzosische Spionage-Thriller Secret Defense erzahlt die Geschichte von Diane, die vom Anti-Terror-Spezialisten Alex angeworben wird, um den Terroristen-Fuhrer Al Barad zu verfuhren.
Die Extras beinhalten ein Making-of, entfallene Szenen, ein alternatives Ende und den Kinotrailer. Au?erdem veroffentlicht capelight die Blu-ray zumindest in der Erstauflage als Limited Edition im wertigen Steelbook. Diane, eine junge attraktive Studentin, die ihr Leben als Edelprostituierte finanziert und auf einen Job als Ubersetzerin in den Arabischen Emiraten hofft, wird vom franzosischen Geheimdienst als Agentin zur Terrorbekampfung angeworben. Lieu de rencontres, de culture, de recherche et de formation, le College des Bernardins est ouvert a tous ceux qui s'interrogent sur l'avenir de l'homme. We have seen a lot of self defense sprays come and go over thirty years but NOTHING like this.

OC, the active ingredient in pepper spray that is derived from the hottest part of the habanero pepper, is a fast acting inflammatory agent (not merely an irritant), that works even on intoxicated individuals who feel no pain—unlike tear gas (commonly referred to as mace). It is a non-lethal substance, with intense effects that wear off in about 30-45 minutes, giving you plenty of time to escape a predator—and escape, not retaliation, should always be your goal.
Beide Seiten spielen dasselbe Schachspiel, das gelegentlich neue menschliche Figuren braucht.
This strikingly attractive, smooth writing, quality ballpoint pen which protects against unsuspecting assailants wherever you carry it. Also, since the effects are temporary, you do not have the same fear of making a mistake as has happened with guns—so there is added peace of mind storing it in the house. In the tradition of spy technology, it cleverly disguises its sprayer, giving you an edge over an attacker that could save your life.

The only long lasting effect is the invisible UV dye that marks your target and could help identify your attacker. The pop-off cap prevents accidental firings while allowing quick and easy access to the pepper spray activator. Contains 8 grams of our double-action formula of powerful 10% OC pepper spray and UV marking dye, which provides approximately eight one-second bursts that spray up to 10 feet!

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