Joseon's top detective Kim Min (Kim Myung-Min) attempts to track down those responsible for circulating massive amounts of counterfeit silver bullion in Joseon.
Most View Running Man Pinocchio The Return of Superman High School Love On Birth of a Beauty Roommate Season 2 My Lovable Girl Fated to Love You (Korean) Hotel King Its Okay Its Love Healer Angel Eyes Emergency Couple What Happens to My Family Empress Ki Bride of the Century My Secret Hotel My Love From the Star Kill Me Heal Me Marriage Not Dating Can We Love Roommate Jang Bori is Here! Dr Sam Willis reveals how the Silk Road was the world\'s first global superhighway where people with new ideas, new cultures and new religions made exchanges that shaped humanity.

In the first episode of his series tracing the story of the most famous trade route in history, Dr Sam Willis starts in Venice and explores how its Renaissance architecture and art has been shaped by the east and by thousands of exchanges along the Silk Road. Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, Jenny Slate, Nate Torrence, Bonnie Hunt, Don Lake, Tommy Chong, J.K. Filmmaker Dan Murdoch spent last summer documenting clashes between a resurgent Ku Klux Klan, and a growing Black Power movement.

After being diagnosed with Dementia, an elderly war veteran is forced by his estranged family to hire a live-in nurse, only to find she harbors a sinister secret.

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