But what if it were possible to easily create one of these scenarios — a secret doorway — in almost any home?
While stumbling around Pinterest the other day we came across the above photo, which brought our mild infatuation with secret doorways to a fever pitch. In our home, a secret doorway would be absolutely stellar in our dining room — we already plan on doing a large built-in for entertaining and extra storage on the wall with an actual door, so a flush cabinet or bookcase would perfectly camouflage the doorway to our master bedroom, which is off of the dining room.
Since our house is old and therefore nothing is standard, we’re confident this would be a pretty intricate DIY job combining components for our built-in as well as making allowances for things like building out the door frame to create an adequate pocket for the shelves without crowding our bedroom and the electrical very near the existing door frame.
Just thinking about the possibility of having our very own secret doorway gets us pretty excited. TrendsRoom & Board Colors by Valspar – New Paint Collaboration Wagner FLEXiO 890 Sprayer Review Save Your Deck or Concrete Patio with Olympic Rescue It!
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I’m sure you remember those movies when someone entered an office or library and suddenly a secret door appeared and the bookcase opened to reveal another room. But secret bookcase doors are actually not that difficult to incorporate into a home’s design. You can either make it disappear into the wall completely or allow it to stand out one way or another. Architecture & Design was started by an Afghan entrepreneur, he believes that wellbeing is affected by the spaces we spend our time in and that their design is an important notion to consider with regards to our personal comfort and happiness – whether we are at home, at work or at play.

About Us Architecture & Design is an online magazine that tries to unite all those orbiting in the Architecture Art and Design sphere.
10 Secret Doors Into Hidden Rooms - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Whether it be turrets, underground tunnels, tiny elevators, or hidden passageways, we all smile with delight at the thought of finding a real-life home with even one of these attributes. Who wouldn’t love to change out a standard doorway with a bookshelf, china hutch, dry bar or a layered pantry?
That way, when we did have people over for dinner parties or holidays, we wouldn’t have to answer questions about where the door leads or have people mistake it for a coat closet or bathroom.
There are plenty of great how-to’s on the great World Wide Web, as well as companies that manufacture standard-sized as well as custom units. The bare-bones basics about me is that I'm in my late twenties, and I'm a college-educated stay-at-home mom. We have very small rooms in a very old house and a bookcase in the door would serve two very good purposes. If the internal structure of your home allows you to, you can even find a small room and hide it behind a bookcase with a secret door. And who doesn’t love a good challenge that could result in one of the coolest finished projects ever?
I'm married to my college sweetheart with whom I have two kids, five cats, and a Chihuahua in our 115 year old house in Dayton, Ohio.

Maybe it’s the mystery or the suspense that is created when the door is opened or maybe it’s just the fact that everyone likes to have something that they feel is only theirs, a secret space that nobody knows about. For example, if, at one point, a certain door in your room needs to be replaced, preferably a door somewhere underneath the stairs or a door that leads to another room, then you can use this opportunity to transform it into a secret bookcase door. That tiny room can be your quiet place, where you can read, listen to music or simply relax and get away from everything whenever you need some peace and quiet.
All European castles have a lot of secret passages because of the era of persecution of Catholics. Wallpaper images in the Barbie and the Secret Door (SD) club tagged: photo nice great awesome. We’re only going to explore a few and hopefully you can use the following examples as inspiration for your own project.
Check out some examples that gathered for you and don’t tell us that you never wished you had such room.

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