Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like. The Lamborghini Gallardo as well as the Ferrari Challenge Stradale belonged to Precision Exotics, a South Florida tuning shop started by Adrian Farinato and his partner who not only saw themselves being successful but decided to take their passion for cars and turn it into a business. A perfect yet stock ZR1 made sure to let us know that there is no replacement for American displacement. Meet Jared, head of a commercial real estate development company who manages and owns multiple shopping plazas. Lambo of West Palm Beach was out in full force as well with multiple LP640 Lambos, a Super Trofeo, and many Gallardos.

Actions you undertake as a consequence of any analysis, opinion or advertisement on this site are your sole responsibility. We have strict spam filters in place so if your account has been denied, please email us for support. Great hospitality, great people, and great inventory makes them a worthwhile dealership to check out if you are in search of the perfect Lamborghini. Steven has been shooting since the age of 15 and shares a very passionate eye for cars and luxury lifestyle from behind the camera, which is why he started Visual Precision. All opinions expressed on this site are those of the author and may contain errors or omissions.

He has recently joined the Secret Entourage team as an apprentice and we will be seeing much more of his photography in upcoming articles.

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