Here is a list of 5 such places in India that is a must-see for all those passionate travelers looking for a unique experience. Cherrapunjee seems to be a place quite unknown in our country other than the fact that it is the wettest place on earth, and also the state it belongs to Meghalaya. Situated in Sindhudurg in Southern Maharashtra, Tarkarli beach has clear waters that allow one to snorkel and scuba dive. Matrimandir – temple has a gold plated exterior while the interior is done in stark white with a huge crystal placed in the center. Yet another unexplored place in Kerala, Wayanad is one of the northern districts of Kerala, on its border with Karnataka.
Wayanad also contributes richly to its fortunes, with its flourishing cultivation of many spices, and also Tea, Coffee and Cocoa.
This district also has the added advantage of linking Kerala with the golden triangle of South India : Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty. Its famous wildlife sanctuary has got everything from exotic flora, birds and a collection of reptiles. Slightly hotel themed, I was very nearly called Clint after my pregnant mother was knocked over by Eastwood rapidly exiting Claridges. Depending on my mood, either doing something equally exciting and stressful in a different e-commerce market, or working in a video shop.
Honeymoon at Cocoa Island in the Maldives, it’s as ridiculously brilliant as advertised. During my adventurous phase after university, I once woke up in an ashram in India at four in the morning, I took an unintentionally cold shower and was then savaged by ants that had taken up residence in my towel overnight. It’s very nice of everyone to visit Secret Escapes, and especially to read the blog, do let us know what you’d like to see more of!
Some of the wee sketches she has a wedding ring on, sometimes she doesn't and other times there is a voice calling her darling, but no wedding ring. Ranging from The Taj Mahal, the Pink City of Jaipur, The Exotic Beaches of Goa, The Himalayas to many exotic places like Ooty, Kanyakumari, Kovalam, Kullu Manali, Kashmir etc.

Cherrapunjee is 56km in distance from Shillong(a famous tourist place) and takes about 90 minutes drive to reach on a clear day. The beach is known for its pure shores with emerald green ocean waters, so clear you could see upto 15 feet deep. It was inspired by the evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo and founded by Mirra Alfassa, known as the Mother.
The center also offers video viewing facilities and a cafeteria for to spend time at your convenience. It is hilly country with a huge swathe of plantations & estates (particularly coffee estates).
Wayanad is situated at a height of 700 to 2100m above sea level with temperatures ranging from 12 to 25 degrees centigrade. If I had a sensible business partner keeping me in check, then it would be by the sea, have a well-stocked library of paperbacks for rainy days and it would serve the best breakfast in the region.
I think a lot of businesses fall into the trap valuing analysis and ideas for their own sake, and we’ve managed to build a culture that really rates getting the right projects done quickly.
My next big trip will be to South America, I’ve heard good reports and need to find out for myself. Is she playing different parts or is she just a filthy wee bitch who puts it about all over the shop, slipping the wedding ring off when it suits her? These places are very popular tourist destinations in India and very well known across the globe. The southern part of the city is known as Moti(Big) Daman and the northern part known as Nani(Little)Daman. The small but exotic town of Auroville is located at a distance of 6 km north of Pondicherry. This mountain district is in many ways the most picturesque in the state, with its rolling hills covered with tropical rainforest. There are a number places to visit in Wayanad like Phookat lake, Eddakal caves, Kuruvadweep and Chembara Falls.

Secondly, and in no way unrelated, we’ve become a significant force in UK travel incredibly quickly. The sights to see here are the Khasi monoliths and Mawsmai falls during the day time and Limestone caves can be visited on the way back.
Moti Daman is an old Portuguese area where the government buildings and old churches are located. The Malwani cuisine is quite famous here and one can have fresh fish or prawns in a thick coconut curry base. Now why this place is interesting is because of the different concept of living adapted by the people of this town. The MTDC resort is the only place of accommodations here which has 20-odd cottages on the beach front. They build community-based housings and the whole township is planned around the Matimandir which is located in the center of the Auroville. The city of Cherrapunjee is 1290 meters above sea level and much of the torrential rain runs off the mountains into the valley below.
This place though, has been spotted by the international luxury cruise liner Hebridean Spirit and the State’s Deccan Odyssey, its largely unknown by our country people.
In 1968 the land was a barren and out of use, but now it has become a developed and productive land, entirely through the efforts of Aurovilians.
Another reason why this place has been undiscovered is mainly due to the lack of hotels and lodgings close by. There have been bad reviews about double standard treatments given to the guests in the resorts. Places to visit in Daman Diu are the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and Se Cathedral, Fort at Moti Daman, the Light House, Nani Daman Fort, St.

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