You should automatically receive an order acknowledgment mail shortly after placing an order at our store. Items may only be combined for shipping if they are all in-stock, or pre-orders scheduled to be released the same month.
We will inform you of the actual shipping rates for your items when your order is in stock and ready to ship. The Spectrum staff (with a assistance of a few of a closest friends) have compiled an endless and downright list (bonus: all is underneath $40!) on what we should pierce to campus and what we should keep in suburbia. Your bed is a many critical partial of your dorm — it’s also one of a pivotal ways we can piquancy adult your dorm room design.
If the thought of swimwear leaves you cold, we recommend that you pay a visit to Lilylola, the beachwear boutique with a stunning collection of luxurious resort wear. The most popular guest editors in 2015, pages worth revisiting if you missed them first time round. Luciano Giubbilei, internationally renowned award-winning garden designer, shares some favourite websites. In-stock and back-ordered items can be combined with pre-order items scheduled to be released the current month.
There may be some cases where the stock status displayed on our website does not match our available stock and items that are shown on our website as available may actuality be sold out. Please note that we cannot provide shipping quotes for pre-order items as we do not know their final size or weight.

Points for an order will be distributed approximately 17 days after order shipment, and may be redeemed for future purchases at the rate of 1 point = 1 JPY. All your toiletries, hair caring products, makeup, and other goodies. But seriously, buy as many of that as we can when we get here.
We can’t give we links to this, though remember to pierce your passport, health word card, and other forms of documentation. Planning your holiday wardrobe is all part of the adventure when shopping at Lilylola.Lilylola works with superior swim and beachwear designers from around the world, ensuring that its customers can browse some of the most gorgeous swimwear and cover-ups available. Please note that most products are generally manufactured for the Japanese domestic market, and some items may be strictly for sale and use within Japan. And you’re expected to accumulate distant some-more things via a propagandize year, that means relocating out will be a genuine pain.
The closest Apple store is on a Upper West Side on Broadway between W 67th and W 68th, in box we forget your MacBook charger. NyQuil, cold medicine, Alka Seltzer (which is good for restorative hangovers), your birth control, your other prescriptions, you name it.
It’ll come in handy, and regulating a torn hem by palm can save we income and the chagrin of carrying your pencil dress separate in a center of Union Square (it happens!). And preferably a protected place to store them so we don’t remove them when your castle turns to disharmony in a second week of school.
Seriously, we need tupperware to take full advantage of your ridiculously overpriced dish plan.

Combine this offering with expert product knowledge and an unrivalled customer service, Lilylola customers are assured the best of all worlds, as well as looking fabulous on the beach.SWIMWEARYou may well not have heard of some of the brands that Lilylola showcases, ensuring that your holidaywear will be unique.
Orders containing items that are unavailable for sale overseas will be automatically canceled and the customer notified. Place them underneath your bed for out-of-sight out-of-mind storage, or spin them into a accessible bedside table. It will keep we in a cold — and lucid — in a final dog days of summer and in a ides of March. And remember: your dorm room is tiny —  and your roommate will expected be angry if your room turns into a storage unit. Nicole Olivier is a popular choice with fun fabrics and styles, alongside fabulous designer swimwear from Luli Fama.Browsing the site is easy and shopping irresistible. Head straight to your favourite brands or view the range by swimwear type (including a link for DD cup) or colour.

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