The Fuzzy you'll encounter on your way should not be a problem, since you can duck under it. The green star block awards you with a 1-up mushroom if you managed to collect 30 coins throughout the level. This level will be much easier if you completed the Yellow Switch Palace and activated the yellow switch blocks.
If the yellow switch blocks are there, you can get two mushrooms here: one is past the first wooden platform, from there fall down the pit and you'll be able to get another mushroom. The platforms you find here move back and forth - the first one from left to right, the second one from top to bottom.
After the lone Koopa Troopa, fall down the pit to discover a yellow pipe which leads to a bonus area (pictured at the right). If you chose to not go through the bonus area, you'll have to jump from one wooden platform to the next to cross the pit, which is a tricky maneuver. After the next wooden platform, you'll find turn blocks that alternate between expanding and contracting vertically and horizontally.

If you have collected 30 coins in this level, the green star block will give you a 1-up mushroom as a reward. Upon reaching the branching path in the Ghost House, the player may notice a Gold Block in the center, between the Warp Pipe and the sign.
The wooden platforms follow a visible path, which may either be a loop or simply end, in which case the platform will fall down at the end. Once you reach the wooden platform circling the On switch, jump at it to set it to Off, which makes the platform move forward. The top path doesn't require you to jump over the pit, but you'll need to deal with Paratroopas. If you went on the cloud platform and collected all the coins there, this shouldn't be too hard. If not, you'll have to do without these, but you'll get an opportunity to snag a power-up later in this level.
Use the P-Switch here to turn the coins into blocks, forming a bridge that allows you to safely cross the lava pit and grab the Dragon Coin found here.

By hitting the block, the player can access a secret area, which leads to the secret exit of this course. Once you see the opportunity, get on the wooden platform and then jump over to the gray platforms. In order to use the block, however, the player needs to clear more Dark Orbs than both Water Orbs and Fire Orbs.
This course does not contain any Dark Orbs, however, so the player needs to bring an ally that can create them.

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