I love to wear my Secret Extensions, but sometimes they get tangled and messy because I use a lot of product on them. I use the Michel Mercier Detangler Brush on my Secret Extensions because I find that it does the best job. I have had my secret extensions since Christmas 2014 and the hair on them is falling out why could this be ? Brush your hair, so that you get all of the tangles out before drying and don’t do any unnecessary damage to the hair. Let air dry and run your fingers through the extensions to keep them from being to tangled when they dry.

So, I would suggest never doing that because you will lose a lot of hair from your extensions! I would suggest washing them about every 4 to 6 weeks because they do not receive natural oils like our hair, so they will not need to be cleaned often.
I also like to run my fingers through my Secret Extensions so that I can easily detangle them again once they dry. I have tried the other no tangle brushes (thin and normal hair brushes) and they did not work as well for me.
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